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In Home Care in Milford

In Home Care in Milford

provider of in home care in Milford standing with senior patient

Aging In Place With These Home Upgrades

Most people want to stay at home as they get older. It makes sense: our homes are cherished environments, full of memories and familiarity. But it's always a good idea to make sure your loved one has adequate support to age in place, from professional in home care services to a safe, accessible home. For families in Milford, Visiting Angels® Woodbridge can help with both. 

Aging in place can be a great way to retain independence for seniors. Incorporating mobility assistance and fall prevention measures can help your loved one live at home safely and for longer. Let's take a look at how to prepare the home with accessibility in mind. 

3 Ways To Upgrade The Home For An Older Loved One 

With our in home care team for the Milford area, you can always ask for specific fall prevention recommendations based on your loved one's living situation and overall condition. For seniors in Milford, here are a few places to start: 

  • Improve bathroom accessibility. The bathroom can be fraught with obstacles for older individuals. Incorporating supports in this area can make everyday grooming tasks easier. Grab bars near the toilet and shower can be enormously helpful. A bath seat and elevated toilet seat can reduce the potential for strain, slips, and falls. Find bathroom mats backed with rubber for better tread.  
  • Increase safety near the entrance. The entrance to the home may lack lighting or adequate clearance to navigate easily. Consider increasing the overall lighting directly outside and inside the entrance area. Make sure the doorway and front foyer can accommodate a wheelchair easily, if that's ever needed. An overhang above the door can offer year-round protection against bad weather, too. 
  • Consider mobility in halls and stairways. Staircases and hallways are often low-lit environments where falls may occur. Think about improving mobility in these parts of the home. First and foremost, secure any rugs, carpeting, or mats with non-slip padding or rug tape. Add more wireless lighting—even a nightlight can make a big difference. Finally, think about adding a second railing for the staircase, if there's only one. 

Fall Prevention and In Home Care in Milford 

With Visiting Angels Woodbridge, you'll find in home care services designed for seniors at all walks of life. We work with families in: 

  • Milford
  • Bethany
  • Northford
  • Prospect
  • Whitneyville
  • Woodbridge
  • Hamden
  • Naugatuck
  • Branford
  • North Branford
  • Waterbury
  • New Haven
  • Seymour
  • Cheshire
  • Derby
  • Orange
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about fall prevention and in home care from Visiting Angels Woodbridge. Get started by calling our team in Milford today. 

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