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Elderly Care in Oklahoma City: Why Clutter is a Sign It's Time for a Caregiver

Provider of elderly care in Oklahoma City with elderly patient

Clutter comes in many different forms, and though annoying, it's generally pretty harmless. However, there are some situations where clutter could be a sign of something more serious. If you have an aging parent or other relative in Oklahoma City who suddenly seems to be neglecting their home, it may be time to look into elderly care options from a home care agency such as Visiting Angels® Oklahoma City. 

Why Clutter Could Spell Trouble for Your Loved One

Clutter isn't always a sign that something's amiss, but when it comes to helping your loved one live their best life at home, it's better to be safe than sorry. For one thing, too many bits and bobs around the house could increase the risk of a fall if it starts to block walkways or make it generally more difficult for your family member to reach the things they need. Since falls are statistically one of the top causes of serious and fatal injuries for seniors, that possibility alone is something to take seriously! 

Beyond the risk of falling, clutter may also point to one of the following concerns:

  • Lapses in memory or difficulty staying focused - Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia affect millions of elderly Americans. Dirty dishes lying around or piles of newspapers on the front stoop may be a sign that a loved one is missing out on steps in their regular routine and may benefit from elderly care from Visiting Angels Oklahoma City to keep her on track. 
  • Difficulty with certain physical tasks - Maintaining a home can get increasingly harder for seniors as they naturally lose bone and muscle mass. Joint pain is also a common problem that can be frustrating and even embarrassing for your parent to bring up, so keep an eye out for signs that they may be avoiding or neglecting household tasks because of pain.
  • Depression and isolation - So much in our lives can change as we get older, from our own physical strength to the social circles we move in. Though it's not as widely acknowledged as cognitive or physical decline, depression poses a major problem for many seniors and may cause them to neglect their care. 

Schedule an In-home Consultation for Elderly Care in Oklahoma City

If your loved one is having more and more difficulty around the home, Visiting Angels Oklahoma City can help with elderly care services.  We will come to your loves one's home for a free in-home care consultation.

Call Visiting Angels Oklahoma City today at (405) 350-6700 to learn more about our elderly care services in Oklahoma City, Yukon, and Reno.

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