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In Home Care in Aztec

In Home Care in Aztec

Provider of in home care in Aztec hugging elderly patient

Age in Place With These Home Upgrades

As seniors experience reduced physical and mental abilities, it becomes difficult to hang on to any sort of independence. Many are forced to move to an assisted living facility, where they trade their autonomy and privacy for the security of constant support. At Visiting Angels┬« Farmington, we offer a better alternative. Our in home care is the best solution for many Aztec area seniors, providing crucial assistance that allows them to remain at home. 

An ongoing home life brings independence, dignity, and many other great benefits. The key is to create a safer environment, and our support is the most crucial step. However, there are also some great improvements you can make to the house to proactively cut down on falls and other accidents. Some of our recommended modifications include:

  • Adding security railing to the tub or shower
  • Putting non-slip floor mats in the bathroom
  • Structuring kitchen essentials to be within easy reach (waist height)
  • Increasing the amount of lighting in the home
  • Changing to LED bulbs
  • Removing door knobs in favor of levers 

About Our In Home Care in Aztec

Keeping your loved one out of the assisted living facility is a noble goal. However, taking this responsibility on your own shoulders is not sustainable. There are only so many hours in a day, and before long, you'll find yourself stressed out and exhausted. Securing our help is the perfect solution that allows you to keep them in their home and afford yourself a nice break. We can step in whenever you need, with flexible scheduling and great service you can trust. 

The benefits of our in home care in Aztec include:

  • A crucial respite for family caregivers
  • Increased safety and a more comfortable environment
  • Customized assistance to meet their needs
  • Loving companionship from a trusted professional
  • And more!

Compassionate In Home Care Near You

At Visiting Angels Farmington, we work hard to provide the kind of attentive, caring support that you would provide yourself. Our goal is to not only serve as a helper, but also to be a source of uplifting companionship that allows them to relax and feel more comfortable. Our caregivers are all great people with the ideal qualifications and personalities for senior care. 

We are dedicated to helping local seniors live better lives in the comfort of their own homes. Our service area includes:

  • Aztec
  • Farmington
  • Bloomfield
  • Kirtland
  • Flora Vista
  • Navajo Dam
  • And throughout the nearby areas

Choosing our in home care is the best option for your Aztec area loved one. To learn more, contact Visiting Angels Farmington and schedule your initial care consultation today. 

Serving Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Navajo Dam, Flora Vista and Surrounding Areas

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