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Visiting Angels in Garden Grove, CA

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The Visiting Angels Approach

Our comprehensive home care is customized for seniors based on their individual needs and preferences. Our dedicated and reliable caregivers have helped thousands of older adults live happily and safely in the comforts of home while providing their families with peace of mind. If you have a loved one who needs personalized in-home care, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Caregiver Jobs

Are you interested in a meaningful career that focuses on providing compassionate care for older adults and their families? If so, Visiting Angels is offering rewarding caregiver jobs — on a full-time and part-time basis — that will help you make a positive difference in your community. If you're passionate about helping seniors maintain their independence at home, you may have what it takes to become a Visiting Angel.

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Articles & Advice

A Cure For Senior Loneliness

A recent study, the National Poll on Healthy Aging, found that one in three seniors is lonely. “Living alone, in particular, was highly associated with feeling lonely. Among those living alone, 60% reported feeling a lack of companionship and 41% felt isolated.” In the report, homecare assistance was listed as one of the solutions to help alleviate this problem.

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Great Holiday Meals You Can Prepare For Your Senior Loved Ones

1. Butternut Squash Soup Serving a bowl of warm butternut squash soup at the beginning of the meal is a nutritious alternative to typical appetizers. A single serving contains approximately 457 percent of your loved one’s daily vitamin...

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BEAT BREAST CANCER: It’s time to “Think Pink!”

In case you didn’t already realize it due to the pink ribbons plastered all across America, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The best way to get serious about breast cancer and prevention is by scheduling a mammogram....

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  • Complimentary In-Home Consultation

    Complimentary In-Home Consultation

    Call us today to schedule a care assessment and conversation with a Visiting Angels consultant.

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  • Careers at Visiting Angels

    Careers at Visiting Angels

    Looking to make a difference in people’s lives? At Visiting Angels you can do that every day.


Caregivers Garden Grove, CA

Personalized Home Care at Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels has been providing compassionate and personalized home care to clients recovering from or coping with many different ailments for over 20 years. Whether you or a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or cancer, or you’re recovering from surgery, our caregivers in Garden Grove, CA can make life at home easier.

No matter what situation you’re in, you don’t have to go through it alone. Call today to get started with personalized home care from Visiting Angels.

Why Choose Visiting Angels

At Visiting Angels, your comfort, health, and overall safety are at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to provide much more than the bare minimum of home care. We strive to enrich your life in every possible way so you can feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Just because you’re going through a difficult situation doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy life, and our caregivers are here to make enjoying life more possible.

Our Home Care Services

Our caregivers in Garden Grove, CA are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to clients who are managing physical and mental conditions. No matter how little or how much care you require, our licensed and experienced team will approach your needs with unparalleled compassion and respect.

Our available home care services in Garden Grove are listed below. If you or a loved one is struggling with one or more of these conditions, call Visiting Angels today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and dementia are degenerative conditions that can devastate a person’s cognitive and physical abilities. This includes loss of memory, a decline in language skills, changes in personality, and decreased mobility. These conditions can be especially difficult for loved ones to manage, as family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia may lose all memory of who their loved ones are. They may also struggle with many daily tasks, such as bathing, eating, or moving around the house.

Visiting Angels’ experienced caregivers have all of the necessary skills to help you or a loved one navigate the difficult symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. And if you provide family caregiving services to your loved one, our trustworthy team can take over some or all of your responsibilities, so you can rest while your loved one still gets the care they need.

Post-Op Care

If you’ve recently had a medical procedure done, you likely won’t be able to move around the house like normal. Our attentive caregivers can make the healing process simple and stress-free with our post-op care services. From helping you down the stairs to completing light housekeeping, Visiting Angels is here to ensure you don’t overexert yourself after any sensitive medical work.

Post-Covid Care

Covid-19 is an incredibly complex and harmful disease, and one of the many difficulties of getting a diagnosis is that not everyone experiences Covid-19 the same way. For many people, Covid-19 can be a debilitating disease to suffer through, and post-Covid symptoms can greatly alter a person’s way of life and sense of well-being. Our Garden Grove caregivers provide post-Covid care to individuals who have recently recovered from a diagnosis so they can get the rest they need to get back on their feet and adjust to any health changes.

Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can change your whole world, but with the help of our cancer care, you can get the support you need through chemotherapy, surgery, and more. Cancer care is one of Visiting Angels’ most requested services because we understand that being able to relax and remain calm are essential to healing. Don’t feel like you have to go through cancer alone; call our skilled caregivers today to get started with our renowned cancer care services.

Hospital Caregivers

There has been a dramatic shortage of hospital workers since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, making it challenging to receive the attentive care you may need in a medical facility. Visiting Angels in Garden Grove is here to lessen the pressure on burnt-out medical staff by providing you with supplementary non-medical care while you’re in the hospital. Although we specialize in home care, we’re ready and able to support you wherever you reside.

Areas We Serve

Visiting Angels is proud to provide quality home care services in Garden Grove and the surrounding areas. Our areas of service include:

  • Buena Park, CA
  • Fullerton, CA
  • Cypress, CA
  • Garden Grove, CA

Get Started with Visiting Angels in Garden Grove, CA

If you’re living with a difficult medical condition, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Visiting Angels in Garden Grove, CA is here to provide the support you need to live comfortably and feel safe in your own home. No matter what condition you may have, you deserve the highest standard of care, and our caregivers provide that every day.

Contact our caregivers in Garden Grove today for more information on our premier caregiving services. We look forward to helping you or a loved one feel happy, healthy, and safe.


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