Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can services be provided?

Generally services can be provided within a 48-hour period and often the same day.
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How does the cost of Visiting Angels compare with assisted living or nursing home care?

The average Visiting Angels Service runs about 1/3 the cost of an Assisted Living Facility and less than 1/4 of what a skilled facility would cost.
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How does Visiting Angels home care providers help patients suffering from Alzheimer's?

Because Alzheimer's is chronic and progressive, patients are dependent on others and often receive care from their relatives, which can be both a mental and physical burden for the family. Visiting Angels home care providers can assist families with elderly loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's disease and make a huge difference in the well being of individuals suffering from Alzheimer's.
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How does Visiting Angels home care providers help patients suffering from depression?

Often times, elderly loved ones face difficult changes in life that can attribute to depression. These changes can be the death of a loved one, spouse, or close friend, change of living space, or health and medical problems. This is especially true for elderly individuals who lack support from relatives, family or friends. Visiting Angels home care can play a part in the recovery process. Depression isn't a normal part of aging, and in most cases seniors are satisfied and happy despite challenges that come with old age.
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What is the screening process for caregivers entering my home?

Visiting Angels runs a comprehensive background screening on each new caregiver. In addition, we emphasize intangible traits such as a caring personality. At Visiting Angels, character matters!
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Can you provide services in assisted living facilities?

Yes. People sometimes discover that the assistance provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. In these cases, Visiting Angels provides a person to make this possible. In some states you are allowed to hire private help in an assisted living facility or nursing home.
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Can you accommodate a unique schedule?

Because we are a non-medical agency and not a nursing agency, we will not dictate to you what your schedule is to be (i.e. what time to wake up, when to bathe, meal schedules etc.). You are the boss. Your schedule is our schedule! It is our job to adjust to your schedule and to keep you comfortable in your home.
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What type of payments are accepted?

We accept Long Term care Insurance, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.
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Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.