Visiting Angels Longmont, CO Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"Our caregiver is very special and perfectly matches to our needs. She has had a lot of prior experience. She really knows what she is doing. "

- Roger T. - Longmont, CO


"The services from Visiting Angels of Boulder County have been a relief. They are really beneficial and helpful. "

- Anita K. - Longmont, CO


"The office staff at Visiting Angels is timely, courteous and always available. "

- Eileen C. - Firestone, CO


"If we did not have the services from Visiting Angels, we would not be able to live at home. "

- Frank C. - Longmont, CO


"Visiting Angels' caregivers are compassionate. They listen to me and are there for me. "

- Mary W. - Niwot, CO


"My Angel is very friendly and very efficient. "

- Eileen C. - Boulder, CO


"We would like to thank you for your kind, caring concern for our mother. She was treated with respect, kindness and great tenderness. "

- Janet S. - Boulder, CO


"My caregiver puts in an honest day's work and then some. Visiting Angels' caregivers go above and beyond every day for me. "

- Bob S. - Boulder, CO


"Dear Visiting Angels Staff, We would like to thank you for your kind, caring concern for our mother during the last weeks of her life. She was treated with respect, kindness and great tenderness. You were a great help to us during this difficult time. Our special thanks to Linda, who graciously comforted our mother during her last hours. We extend to you our deepest thanks. "

- The family of Janet S.


"Dear Greg, Judy and I want to tell you how pleased we have been with your firm, and the wonderful caregivers you have provided to us this year. We cannot begin to describe how well your whole system has worked It is obvious that you care for your people. We hear of training sessions and holiday parties for caregivers. We have come to treasure our relationship with each and every Visiting Angel that comes to our home, and we are glad you treat them with respect. We were especially grateful for the extra effort that your staff undertook when we needed help in June. They were very effective. They knew what to do, and did it! Sincerely yours,"

- Stan and Judy D. - Golden, CO


"Visiting Angels did an excellent job in providing home care for my brother during his final weeks. All the providers were very caring and professional. The office staff was exceptionally good about keeping me updated and in the loop despite the fact that I was not there but living in another state. Thank you. "

- Ann P.


"As a concierge Internal Medicine physician, I have extremely high expectations for my patients' care. Visiting Angels holds themselves to that same high standard. Excellence is their daily goal. My patients', my staff and I are consistently impressed with Visiting Angels levels of service, care, compassion and commitment. "

- Kevin L, MD, FACP


"Absolutely Top Notch, Caring, Professional and Dependable Service Visiting Angels provided 24/7 care givers for my mother who was in an assisted living facility. I had used other such services and none could touch the caring and professionalism of Visiting Angels. (VA). Mom had severe short-term memory issues and was confined to a wheel chair. With VA caregivers, I always knew she was safe and happy. VA assigned caregivers that were right for what my mom needed, even as her needs changed. They always stayed in touch with me and I never had to worry that shifts might not be filled. They also worked in concert with family, facility staff and doctors. With VA caregivers, Mom was able to have a full, joyful, enriched and socially-involved life until nearly 100. I have the highest regard for Visiting Angels and how they have worked with and for me and my mother. Rating: 5 Stars"

- Joan A.


"Dear Visiting Angels’ Staff, Thanks to the compassionate caregivers who helped care for our father. You all stayed with him during the past year when my husband and I were out of town and during the month of August. We were so glad we were able to keep him at home as much as possible. Dad passed away peacefully on September 25th at home with lots of love around. Thank you for helping us, we are forever grateful."

- Brooks S.


"Dear Visiting Angels, We, in our household are very grateful for the wonderful care that “Angel Joanne” gave us during my month’s absence. She provided the best care, meals, companionship, - a million tasks large and small – all of which are required by a dedicated caregiver. Hard to find, hard to do but she did it! We couldn’t have asked for more!"

- Elizabeth E.


"Dear Greg and Staff, Your generosity and kindness glow against the dark days of grief in my life. I simply and deeply thank you. "

- Karen Y.


""Thanks to you all so much for the help you have and are still providing for our family. Your time, effort and flexibility mean so much to all of us. We thank you for your patience in our schedule change requests and are always so impressed with how accommodating you are based on our parents ever changing needs. Words can't express how much we appreciate your services." Sincerely,"

- The Domenico Family


" A poem from a client’s wife presented to our caregiver “A Tribute to Our Shared Time” Just as the polar bear, Fierce power freed. Pairs with beauty, flaming fireweed. So Bebe, petite and refined, Pairs with power of body and mind. She is a caregiver, Patient and wise. Moving a body twice her size. Shooing what spirits may haunt a dark night, With practiced hands, setting things right. Thanks be for Bebe, For years of her time. Her steadfast devotion was luckily mine. Our time together approaches an end, I’ll remain Bebe’s admiring friend. G. Reynolds"

- By: G. Reynolds


"“I recently employed the help of Visiting Angels. They were gentle, kind and compassionate. They were truly angels to my mom and our family at a very difficult time.” Lauren, Golden, CO."

- Lauren, Golden, CO.


"Hi Greg, Thank you and your caregivers for everything you did for our family! Visiting Angels was incredibly helpful to our family during a very difficult time. We were waiting to place my Dad in a memory care home, but needed help to care for him right away. At one point, we needed 24/7 coverage. Greg and his staff were wonderful at finding caregivers for us on a moment's notice! And the caregivers were fantastic! They knew just how to work with Dad and his difficult Alzheimer's behaviors. I don't know what we would have done without these wonderful people. I highly recommend Visiting Angels whenever I can. Thanks again Greg! Please tell Cindi, Dolores, and Susan thanks as well!"

- Robin


"Dear Mr. Elliott, Just a note to thank you for your service with Visiting Angels. Those “angels” you sent were wonderful people! Lois C. and Sherry O. were all out to help in any way. I was especially grateful to Lois. She was with me when Jim passed away, and I appreciated that so very much. She was very supportive at a difficult time and knew what to do. Both of those ladies were very caring and definitely Visiting Angels! Thank you for such an organization. I am sure that Visiting Angels will continue to help and comfort others with whom they come in contact in the future. Blessings,"

- Elaine B.


"Dear Sherry (caregiver), “This maybe a bit late, but I did want to put in writing my appreciation for visiting and being willing to help care for my husband. We never dreamed it would be for such a short time. I enjoyed talking with you as it helped me in such a difficult time. Jim was very tired and went to sleep, but we will see him, we believe when Jesus comes!” “Thank you, thank you for coming! You are truly a “Visiting Angel!” Best Wishes,"

- Elaine B.


"Dear Visiting Angels, When we lose our loved ones it's never easy. I called in to the office and they told me to take whatever time you need. It made me feel much better to know that my job was there for me and my family. I'm so glad to work for a company that understands and cares. Thank you all!"

- Elaine C. - Caregiver


"It is a good feeling to be part of such a great company! "

- Dixie D. - Caregiver


"To Everyone at Visiting Angels, Thank you for making Visiting Angels a super great place to work. I am proud to be part of the team. You have great management, great direction, great fun, and a great feeling of True Partnership! I couldn't ask for anything more in an employer! Love you!"

- Cheri P. - Caregiver


"Dear Visiting Angels, I just wanted to touch base after our first visit with Mom’s caregiver today. Mom was confused and crying; within the hour, she had Mom smiling and then laughing! Impossible! How can that be? What magic spell has this woman put on my mom??? I am so grateful and thankful! It’s only been one visit, and yet I am finally encouraged that we can get Mom (and Dad) the help they have needed for so long. She is an amazing woman, and we are truly blessed that you have placed her to help care for my mom. I haven’t been this excited and hopeful for the future in a very long time. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! "

- Lisa


"Jim and I want you to know how much we appreciate the loving care your team provided to Jim over the last couple of years, especially Mark and Nell. This is a tough journey, made easier with your assistance. Jim is settling into his assisted living facility and is getting used to his surroundings, and I think that he really enjoys the food. Thanks again"

- Jan C.


"Thank you for my wonderful caregiver who was so efficient and compassionate. She always anticipated my needs and was so very helpful in my recovery. She was a great companion and always brought a friendly smile to brighten my day. I highly recommend your service! Thank you!"

- Doris N.


"I have found it to be a whole new experience."

- Roland M.


"I've had an amazing experience working with Visiting Angels. Throughout my experience I've seen how much this agency cares about their clients and staff. The management is outstanding and I look forward to having a long future with the team."

- Amanda J. - Caregiver


"Our caregiver is like family. She is genuine, reliable and educated."

- JR S.


"Thank you for finding us the perfect caregiver! We look forward to seeing her every day!"

- Virginia M.

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