Visiting Angels Reviews for Raleigh, NC


Dear Amy,

Bob and I want to thank you for all the gentle care that Visiting Angels provided for Mary Frances over the past years. She was comfortable and we relied on your caregivers. Yours is a wonderful service.

We had to go on to Hospice for three months and Mary passed away October 8, 2003. We felt grateful that we were able to care for her at home.

Thank you again. May God bless you and your new family in the new year. And may your son see peace in his lifetime!


Norma and Bob T.


Dear Amy,

I could sit here all night and wouldn't be able to come up with enough words that would describe how happy Pat and I are with the Visiting Angels.

Your personal attention to our situation over the past 15 months is one thing that has helped me keep my sanity.

In a blink of an eye - I fell into hell and saw no way out. After Pats nine weeks in the hospital and then needing 3 months of therapy and 24/7 care - I couldn't see how we were going to survive.

How would I be able to work with my ever changing schedule, give Pat the care she needed, get her to therapy and doctors and take care of the normal and abnormal happenings in our life? ? ?

The phone call I made to the Visiting Angels and meeting with you were a blessing. You and your caregivers (CNA's) gave me the ladder I needed to climb out of the hell I was in.

Your people go beyond being here with Pat for the paycheck. Not only has she been extremely well taken care of physically, but their personal concern and conversation has helped her immensely with her mental attitude. Their desire to help Pat improve her mobility has been nothing less then "from the heart".

As for me, my surviving on naps hasn't ended but they are of a longer duration thanks to you and your people. I get some decent sleep now without lying awake wondering how I will get through tomorrow.

Your CNA's gave me my "piece of mind" back. I thank them for the things they do around our home - taking the load off me. Thanks to everybody for working with "my" schedule.

Amy - I thank you and Pat thanks you! ! !

Please pass along our thanks to Tim, Chris, Linda, and Theresa for all they have done.

Hoping you all have a great holiday season, a healthy new year and may your lives be filled with God's Blessings.

With much appreciation,
Don S.


Visiting Angels was recommended to me by the hospital when we learned my Father had incurable pancreatic cancer.  I was somewhat suspect of home health agencies having had less than satisfying experiences with them in the past.  Visiting Angels was terrific.  They not only provided the technical basics of servicing someone terminal, their staff really cared.  It made a profound difference to me and my Dad during the last few months of his life.

Because of their reliability and caring, I was grateful to be able to live and work somewhat "normally" as they were at his house daily (and eventually round the clock).  I could always be confident Dad was being taken care of.


I was always reassured to know that if there was ever a problem or an emergency that they were just a phone call away. I was most impressed in this day and age of unreturned voice mail that they ALWAYS got back to me within an hour or two, even on weekends!  For example, we lost electricity during the ice storm of December 2002.  We ended up having to take Dad to a hotel with power - but in another city.  Visiting Angels, despite the ice and the change of location, got their people to the scene within a day.


When Dad did pass, they sent a beautiful flower arrangement and all the caregivers (there were three) came to the funeral services.

That meant a lot to me and my family.  Visiting Angels is truly a great service, and I would recommend them to anyone.


George S.



I know it's been a while since we have used the services of Visiting Angels, but I wanted to send you a heartfelt "thank you" for all that Visiting Angels did for me and my family.

My mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, needed someone to be with her while we were working, and we didn't know where to turn.  Fate brought us to Visiting Angels!  You took the time to meet with us, assessing our needs and individual circumstances, and matched us with the perfect "angel".

It was difficult for me to open up my home and place the trust of caring for my mother to a stranger,  but it was not long before that stranger became an integral part of our household and a cherished friend.  We didn't realize how much we needed the help provided by Visiting Angels until we established our relationship, and then we couldn't imagine how we had managed without it! 

Thank you again for working with us, and being there when we needed you.

Visiting Angels made a difficult time in our lives more manageable, and we will always be grateful!

Priscilla B.


Words cannot express how cherished our family experience with Visiting Angels has been.  When Grandma reached the point where she was needing 24-7 care, and Mom (her caregiver) desperately needed sleep, we didn't know what to do. Acting on a recommendation, I called Visiting Angels and talked to Stacey.  As a result, help came fast in the form of indeed, a visiting angel.

The way they operated was Stacey and Nurse Mary visited with Mom and Grandma to assess what was needed.  Night-time help was what Mom was desperate for and Stacey offered up another Stacey who was the most incredible visiting angel.  Grandma loved her from the first night.  They bonded immediately.  We never thought Grandma would be so comfortable with a non-family member caring for her, but I could only relieve Mom so much as I work full-time.  Caregiver Stacey would come on-time as scheduled, and be johnny-on-the-spot (as Grandma put it) when Grandma called out for her all night long (which was often).

There were times during this period of time where I was desperately seeking advice on how to ease Grandma's suffering.  I called Manager Stacey who is the world's best listener, and also talked with Nurse Mary who is full of knowledge and compassion.  I'm telling you, these folks care.

Fast forward to a little over a month later and Grandma is no longer with us.  I was awed that Visiting Angel Stacey not only came to the Memorial Service, but brought a thoughtful gift and heartfelt card. 

So if you're wondering who to trust to care for someone you love, know there are indeed angels out there.  Ones that will visit and care for your loved one as only you can. Yes you will pay for this. Some might say it's not cheap.  I say for what they're worth we couldn't pay enough.  Stacey, Mary, the other Stacey...our family thanks all of you from the bottom of our hearts!


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