Visiting Angels Home Care Services Helps Prevent The Chance of a Senior Falling in Raleigh, NC

The fear of your elderly loved one falling within their home can keep you up at night. Visiting Angels of Raleigh's Fall Prevention Program implements preventive features through our home care services.

Statistics show that one in three senior adults fall and sustain injuries such as fracture, broken hip, and concussion. Recovery from falls can take up to a year in a long-term care facility. More than 800,000 individuals are hospitalized annually because of falls and this amounts to billions of dollars in the healthcare cost. Visiting Angels of Raleigh goal is to help prevent our clients from this statistic with our home care services

Why Falls Happen

Falls can immensely impact the person both socially and emotionally. In most cases, senior adults develop a fear of going out or doing social activities because they think that they might slip and break a bone. But it is important to take note that falls just don’t happen randomly. There are several risk factors that increase the likelihood of falling and these include present medical condition, medical problem, and poor supporting structures at home.  Below is a discussion of the risk factors of falls.

  • Medical conditions: Studies show that people who suffer from poor eyesight and arthritis are at risk of falling.
  • External factors: External factors can increase the risk of falls and these include dehydration and intake of multiple medications.
  • Environment: The lack of grab bars in the toilet and key places in the house can also increase the risk of falls. This is especially true if your loved ones have trouble with mobility.
fall prevention

How Visiting Angels Raleigh Can Help With Home Care Services

Prevention of falls and injuries still continue to be a challenge among the elderly. As the primary caregiver in your family, it is important that you get yourself educated on what you need to do to improve the structure of your house as well as lessen the presence of external factors.

At Visiting Angels of Raleigh, we have developed a program, that includes our home care services, that can help prevent falls from occurring on your loved ones. Our Fall Prevention Program is a comprehensive resource home care services guide on how you can make your loved ones fall-proof so that they will not have to fear about slipping all the time. 

Our caregivers refer to our home care services protocol under this program to ensure that they deliver the right care to patients who are at risk of slipping. They can help educate the entire family to assist their loved ones so that they will not succumb to slipping. 

Download Your Free Safe & Steady Fall Prevention Resource Guide today.

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