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Alzheimer’s Care Services from Visiting Angels Renton

Alzheimer's services

If you provide assistance to a loved one who struggles with Alzheimers, you are probably familiar with the common effects of this disease. You will likely have noticed your family member struggling to recall names and other new information. Your loved one may have trouble completing once familiar tasks, understanding literature or following along with conversations. You may have noticed behavioral changes such as mood swings or anxiety. When you find yourself in a position of dealing with these challenges, it is time to call Visiting Angels Renton for Alzheimers care services.

Your Partner in Alzheimer’s Care Services

Alzheimer’s care services from Visiting Angels Renton can provide a respite for yourself or other family caregivers. Assisting a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia is physically and emotionally taxing. You don’t have to bear this burden alone. Our agency has skilled senior care professionals on staff to provide support to families who struggle with memory related illness. When you have Alzheimer’s care services from Visiting Angels Renton, you have a seasoned professional in your corner helping you fight the effects of a cruel disease.

When designing a training program to educate our memory care providers, we sought the expertise of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. They helped Visiting Angels design a course to address the challenges specific to caring for someone with a memory disorder. Visiting Angels Renton offers this program to those caregivers who provide Alzheimer’s care services. Ensuring our clients receive knowledgeable care is a priority for our agency.

Dependable Alzheimers Care Services in Renton

Knowing your Alzheimers care services are supplied by a trusted professional can ease your mind. Visiting Angels Renton only uses caregivers who are hired by our agency, never contractors. We like to ensure each senior care provider has passed our background and criminal history checks. We also want to personally verify references and look at previous employment to see if a potential caregiver is truly dedicated to helping others. When you choose Alzheimers care services from Visiting Angels Renton, your caregiver will be among the best professionals in the area.

To further ease your mind about choosing Alzheimer’s care services from Visiting Angels Renton we involve you in the caregiver selection process. You and your loved one will be encouraged to meet with potential caregivers in person, in the comfort of your own home, to get to know them. You pick the professional you are most comfortable with.

For supportive Alzheimer’s care services call Visiting Angels Renton.

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