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Home Care in Oronoco

Home Care in Oronoco

Are you responsible for caring for an elderly adult in your family or even a spouse with age-related needs? With access to professional home care in the Oronoco area, you can make sure your loved one is living comfortably without having to burn the candle at both ends yourself.

At Visiting Angels® Rochester, we match dedicated care providers with elderly adults in need of care in Oronoco and throughout other local communities. Our caregivers are capable of performing a range of services and caregiving tasks, from helping seniors dress each day to running errands and cooking their meals. As a care agency that is deeply rooted in the community and under local ownership, we always take pride in having the chance to make living at home a simpler solution for seniors and their family members.

Our home care providers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it's easy to schedule care visits based on your family's needs. To give you additional peace of mind, we've made sure each of these caregivers has been through a comprehensive vetting process, and they are all bonded and ensured.

Moreover, we won't just pair your loved one with any caregiver. We'll take steps to make sure the caregiver match we make is suitable both in personality and according to the types of care your loved one requires.

It's this approach to delivering personalized care that has made us a reputable choice for support among families in:

About Our Home Care in Oronoco

Are you starting to worry that one day you won't be able to keep up with your loved one's needs? Or perhaps you already feel that your schedule is simply too overwhelming and you need a break. No matter what your circumstances are, you can count on the care coordinators at our office to find a solution that results in high-quality care for your loved one and more balance for yourself.

Here's an overview of some of the ways our caregivers assist local seniors with their day-to-day needs:

  • Offering timely prompts to take medication
  • Providing a helping hand with using the restroom
  • Planning out meals, buying ingredients, and cooking
  • Picking up prescriptions and doing other errands
  • Transporting seniors to their doctors' appointments in the Oronoco area
  • Assisting with showering, dressing, and grooming tasks
  • Doing minor housekeeping activities and chores
  • Acting as a warm, loving companion and listening ear
  • Providing short-term coverage for busy family caregivers

Personalizing Your Home Care in Oronoco

Comprehensive senior care is available to cover all of your loved one's needs at home. Even when their care requirements or circumstances change, you can trust us to remain flexible and make modifications to your loved one's care plan.

Setting up the exact level of care your parent, spouse, or grandparent needs at this time is as simple as taking the following steps:

  • Making an introductory call to our office. You can call us for a preliminary conversation covering general questions and leading to the scheduling of a more detailed home care consultation.
  • Meeting for a free home care consultation. During this no-cost, no-obligation meeting, we will focus on talking about your loved one's life in-depth as well as our range of services, finding the best approach to caring for them while helping them maintain their independence.
  • Forming a personalized schedule and plan of care. As a next step, our care coordinators will collaborate with your family to develop and finalize a plan of care for your loved one. We'll tailor this service plan around their everyday habits and routines, as well as your schedule if you will continue acting as their family caregiver.
  • Meeting your loved one's caregiver. We'll introduce you to the caregiver we select for your loved one based on their personality, their senior care requirements, and other factors such as scheduling requests.

Keeping in touch over time. We'll always be available for additional guidance and support if you have questions as your loved one receives care at home.

Understanding Our Home Care Types

Various types of care available from our caregivers are listed below.

How Personal Care Helps

Through personal care, we help seniors who have mobility difficulties, chronic conditions, or other issues that lead to advanced care needs. Personal care providers can offer support with walking and mobility, help with showering and toileting routines, and patient and respectful aid with other essential activities of daily living.

Why Companion Care is So Important

Companion care offers a lighter level of support than personal care, but can be crucial to the well-being of seniors who are worried about feeling isolated or lonely. Companion care providers engage in conversation with care recipients, provide emotional support, take part in hobbies, and assist with pastimes. Caregivers can also offer help in the home.

Defining End of Life Care

We aim to help local families make the most of every moment together when a loved one is coming closer to the end of life stage. Our compassionate end of life services focus on offering a helping hand wherever it's needed while also providing physical support for seniors and a shoulder to lean on for overwhelmed family members.

Explaining Respite Care

Respite care services are geared towards family caregivers who want to keep helping a loved one but also need a break now and then. You can call on our team of respite care providers to cover for you as you go on a vacation, attend your own appointments, or simply run errands in the area.

Setting Up Alzheimer's Care or Dementia Care

We also provide care revolving around the symptoms of memory disorders. Our Alzheimer's care and dementia care services are always customized according to care recipients' everyday needs and risks and help them take full advantage of their familiar surroundings for longer.

Get Started with Home Care in Oronoco Today

Simply pick up the phone and call (507) 289-1147 to speak with a representative at Visiting Angels Rochester and ask to book a home care consultation free of charge in the Oronoco area today!

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