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In Home Care in Byron

In Home Care in Byron

provider of in home care in Byron standing with senior patient

Age In Place With These Home Upgrades

Mobility and safety are two crucial concerns as our loved ones age. At Visiting Angels® Rochester, we help seniors and their families improve overall accessibility around the home. Our in home care specialists in Byron can assess living areas, identify areas of concern, and help to strengthen fall prevention measures. 

These improvements don't have to be expensive, and they don't have to upheave your loved one's living arrangements. Whether seniors live in a house, apartment, or condo, these upgrades can be easy to implement, while offering enormous convenience. Let's take a look. 

How To Upgrade The Home For Safety and Mobility 

When it comes to mobility and accessibility, some areas of the home are going to be a greater concern than others. From our in home care specialists in Byron, here are a few places to focus on:  

  • The entranceway. It's always a good idea to install strong lighting outside and inside the entranceway of the home. Think about replacing the doorknob to a lever-style door handle, which can be easier to use, especially for those with joint difficulties. Make sure there's an easy-to-reach place to store shoes, keys, and various other items. 
  • The bathroom. The bathroom is also a great place to install stronger lighting throughout. Consider installing grab bars for easier access to the toilet and shower. (Towel bars aren't designed to support the weight—make sure you're getting grab bars!) Installing a toilet riser can help those who have difficulty going from seated to standing. 
  • Hallways and staircases. These areas of the home can be a real fall hazard. Once again, bright lighting can improve overall accessibility here. Even a nightlight can be a great investment. You'll want to remove any standalone light fixtures, as these cords can be a tripping risk. Think about installing a second rail for the staircase, too.  

Keeping Seniors Safe With In Home Care in Byron 

At Visiting Angels Rochester, our in home care team can help your loved one can age in place safely. We offer dedicated caregiver services to seniors in: 

  • Byron
  • Austin
  • Rochester
  • Stewartville
  • Albert Lea
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We can ease any existing pain points in your loved one's life, whether they're struggling to make meals or need help with mobility. We can help them remain at home on their terms. 

Learn more about our comprehensive in home care services in Byron. Contact Visiting Angels Rochester to book an initial consultation. 

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