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In Home Care in Stewartville

In Home Care in Stewartville

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Companion vs. Personal Care

Finding in home care in Stewartville can be difficult if you're not familiar with different types of home care services. One area where this can be especially tricky is the distinction between companion and personal care. There's significant overlap between these two services, but there are also important distinctions.

At Visiting Angels┬« Rochester, companion care and personal care are among our most popular services in the Stewartville area. To help you better understand the options available to your loved one, here's a brief explanation of how these services work and what makes each service distinct.

Choosing the Right In Home Care Service

For most seniors in Stewartville, the right in home care service will come down to a choice between companion and personal care. These services cover the majority of caregiving needs, and at Visiting Angels Rochester, they serve as the foundation for most of our customized care plans.

In deciding between companion and personal care, the main question is what level of care your loved one requires.

Companion care is an excellent choice for seniors with mild to moderate care needs, specifically those who do not require direct physical assistance. This type of care covers a wide range of basic caregiving duties, such as grocery shopping, medication reminders, meal preparation, and light housekeeping. It may also cover accompaniment to social occasions, or wellness check-ins for your loved one.

Personal care is similar to companion care in that is can include any or all of these services. However, unlike companion care, personal care can also include assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, and mobility. These activities require direct physical assistance between the caregiver and care recipient. As such, this is generally considered a more advanced type of home care service and is more suitable for individuals with advanced care needs.

Get Started with Care in Stewartville

At Visiting Angels Rochester, we make it easy to find the right in home care service for your loved one in the Stewartville area.

Before getting started with care, we will provide you with a detailed consultation to determine the best services for your loved one. We'll take the time to learn about your loved one's care needs, routines, and living situation. We will then develop the blueprint for a customized care plan and caregiving schedule, tailored to your loved one's needs. This consultation is provided at no charge, with no obligation, making it an easy and stress-free way to develop your loved one's care plan.

Visiting Angels Rochester proudly offers in home care throughout the following areas:

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  • Surrounding areas

For in home care services in Stewartville, contact Visiting Angels Rochester today!

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