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Senior Care in Owasso

Senior Care in Owasso

As you look into senior care in the Owasso area, you need to find a provider you can really have faith in. At Visiting Angels® Tulsa, we've served our local community for years by providing essential senior care services.

For most seniors, nothing can compare with the comfort of home. Maintaining a familiar routine and remaining in the community can also be vital for their overall well-being.

Our comprehensive senior care has made it possible for older adults to live how and where they choose. We provide a wide range of essential care services for families in Owasso, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, Broken Arrow, and throughout Tulsa County.

Are you concerned about a loved one's ability to meet their needs at home? Are you worn out and overwhelmed as a family caregiver? Let us help. Our caregivers in Owasso are friendly, fully vetted, and completely committed to making life better for local seniors. 

About Our Senior Care Services in Owasso

What day-to-day tasks does your loved one struggle with? There are many challenges that come with age, but no one has precisely the same care needs. At Visiting Angels Tulsa, we offer personalized senior care that can include any or all of the following support:

  • Cleaning and other basic housework
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Walking assistance
  • Companionship
  • Bathing and dressing aid

Our senior care is tailored both to the types of care for your relative needs and the times at which they need the most support. Our compassionate caregivers are available at any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays. 

How We Personalize Our Senior Care in Owasso

Caregiving is deeply personal. In most cases, family members take on this role for as long as possible before seeking support. Our care professionals understand how sensitive this subject can be, so they do everything they can to put each client's mind at ease.

When you reach out to Visiting Angels Tulsa, our team will guide you through the following: 

  • A general discussion about your loved one's situation, the care we can provide, and what the costs might be.
  • A no-cost evaluation where we'll meet your loved one, determine their needs and preferences, and answer any questions from you and other family members.
  • A care planning process that draws from everything we've learned about your relative's care needs, any pressure points for your family, and any specific preferences regarding care.
  • A caregiver selection and introduction process where we choose the care professional whose personality and skills seem like the best fit for your relative — and where you have the opportunity to give your approval.

Personal Care Services in Owasso

What first made you suspect that your loved one might need senior care to remain at home? Chances are, like most of our clients, you noticed your loved one couldn’t manage certain tasks on their own anymore. While you may be assisting with whatever you can, you still have your own responsibilities as well.

At Visiting Angels Tulsa, our essential personal care services can include all the day-to-day support your family member needs to live comfortably in the home they love. Our friendly caregivers can provide the following assistance with competence and compassion:

  • Planning and preparing your loved one's meals
  • Buying their groceries and running other errands as needed
  • Helping them bathe, dress, and use the bathroom
  • Providing physical support when they're walking
  • Reminding them to take prescribed medications
  • Taking on light housekeeping duties

Companion Care Services in Owasso

If you worry your parent or other elderly relative isn't getting out much between your visits, we can help.

As well as assisting your loved one with basic activities, our caregivers can offer another form of essential care: companionship. Our care professionals are naturally warm and engaging individuals who can help your loved one feel at ease and keep them more mentally and socially active. 

Social Care in Owasso

Another invaluable social outlet for seniors is video chat and similar technologies. As part of our care, we can teach your loved one how to use technology and social media to keep in touch with the people dear to them.

Specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Millions of older adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or some other kind of dementia. Sadly, the confusion, anxiety, memory loss, and other symptoms can put seniors at risk in their own home at a time when stability is more important than ever.

Though not a home health agency, we can offer many overlapping services. Our care professionals understand the benefits of a familiar setting and a steady routine for seniors with cognitive decline. We provide specialized assistance for Alzheimer's disease and dementia that can include the following:

  • Regular check-ins and monitoring
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Keeping track of food consumption
  • Wandering prevention
  • Providing reminders for appointments and medications
  • Acting as a steady, reassuring presence

End of Life Care and Palliative Care 

When a loved one is approaching the end of life transition, our care professionals can be there to ease their discomfort and give your family the space you need to be together with our end of life care.

We also offer palliative care for anyone facing ongoing medical concerns. This service offers physical, spiritual, social, and cognitive support to provide relief and reclaim joy throughout this difficult time.

Fall Prevention Support

Falls are often top of mind for seniors and their family members, as a single slip can do significant damage. Year after year, falls account for more serious injuries among seniors than any other cause. They can lead to broken bones, hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and a loss of confidence that's difficult to regain. 

To protect seniors in the Owasso area, we developed our Safe & Steady Fall Prevention program. We strive to reduce fall risk by identifying your loved one's personal risk factors, making recommendations to fall-proof their home, and including walking assistance as part of their senior care if needed.

Hospital Discharge Assistance

When an elderly loved one has been hospitalized after a fall or due to an illness, the risk of hospital readmission can be high — especially within the first few weeks back home. Our Ready-Set-Go Home program includes in-person support and guidance at the hospital, after discharge, and as your loved one heals at home. 

Respite Care for Family Members

Do you feel worn down by your duties as a family caregiver? Taking time for yourself may seem selfish when a loved one is struggling, but it's actually the best thing for you both. That's why we include respite care as one of our essential care services. Rest, recuperate, and look after yourself for a while as our caregivers tend to your loved one.

Get Started with Senior Care in Owasso Today

Call Visiting Angels Tulsa at (918) 609-5600 to learn more about our senior care in Owasso and request a consultation. 

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