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In-Home Dementia Care Services in Hendersonville, NC

In-Home Dementia Care Services in Hendersonville, NC

Having a loved one with dementia can present emotional challenges for your family. When you're facing this type of diagnosis, you want to have the time and energy to focus on spending quality time with your loved one. While it's essential to manage the day-to-day care and routine tasks for someone with dementia, this isn't a burden that you need to shoulder alone. Our trained Visiting Angels caregivers can help ease the strain of dementia on the individual and their family. We offer supportive in-home care that allows patients to remain in a familiar environment with comfortable surroundings.

Why Choose In-Home Care for Dementia Patients? 

Dementia patients are more comfortable in a familiar environment. In the earlier stages, they may forget recent events but still retain their long-term memory, so their homes will continue to feel safe and recognizable. At the same time, a new living facility may leave them confused and disoriented. Staying at home also provides optimal comfort as the patient can retain all their favorite belongings, from furniture to kitchenware. 

Though staying at home is ideal for a dementia patient, it often becomes difficult for them to manage all their daily living tasks without assistance. It's easy for an individual with dementia to forget about essential medications, leave appliances running, or get confused in the middle of a task. They may also wander off and get lost or feel disoriented and alarmed while running errands. 

In-home care allows dementia patients to enjoy the comforts of home while receiving the assistance they need to manage their daily routines. This optimizes their mental, emotional, and physical health at once. Our caregivers can provide personalized care to help your loved one with essential tasks, providing as much or as little assistance as needed.

Our In-Home Dementia Care Services 

Our caregivers are familiar with the unique challenges of dementia. We work with patients and their families to develop strategies to make everyday tasks safer, easier, and more enjoyable. We understand that dementia causes emotional, behavioral, and physical changes, so we adapt our services to patients' needs to ensure they always have optimal care. This could mean very brief visits earlier in the patient's diagnosis and progress to 24/7 care and assistance as dementia progresses.

We can help modify the patient's home and routine to meet their needs. This may include:

  • Implementing strategies to prevent wandering.
  • Transporting patients to and from appointments and activities.
  • Developing routines to make daily tasks easier.
  • Implementing fall prevention strategies.

Dementia Care Services Provided by Visiting Angels 

We offer many professional caregiving services to make life easier for dementia patients and their families, including the following:

  • Assistance with errands: We can complete everyday chores, such as grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions. Our caregivers can also provide transportation and accompany patients on errands or health appointments.
  • Meal preparation: We can assist individuals with basic meal preparation or assemble the entire meal to ensure they enjoy a healthy diet.
  • Help with self-care: We can assist with daily bathing, dressing, and routine tasks such as brushing hair and getting ready for the day.
  • Mobility assistance: Dementia patients may have trouble getting around. We can help them transition in and out of wheelchairs or assist with a walker or other mobility device around the house.
  • Light housekeeping: Our caregivers will help ensure the patient's home is neat and well maintained by providing basic housekeeping such as cleaning and laundry. This is especially important for dementia patients who need to know where things are.
  • Medication reminders: It's common for dementia patients to forget about their medications. Though we don't administer medications, we'll provide reminders to ensure they never miss a dose.
  • Assistance with routines and schedules: We can help patients develop and adhere to comfortable and familiar schedules.
  • Companionship: We offer emotional support and social companionship so patients don't feel alone.

Our caregivers understand the changing nature of dementia and are patient and compassionate, even during times of frustration or confusion. We're available to make essential tasks easier for patients and their families.

Customized Care Plans

Everyone is different, so we provide highly customized dementia care plans. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to this disease. Our caregivers work closely with the patient and family members to develop an individual schedule, set of routines, and care plan. We can provide care through daily visits, 24/7 monitoring, or respite care. 

Even when a family member wants to stay home and care for their loved one full-time, occasional assistance is important so the caregiver can address their own needs. Our Visiting Angels team can step in to ensure that dementia patients are safe, monitored, and respected. We want to ensure your loved one retains their dignity during this difficult time.

Our care plans are completely customizable and adjustable. We understand that individuals with dementia, including Alzheimer's, may change over time. It's unpredictable, so you need caregivers who can respond with patience and flexibility. We'll help you find the care you need when you need it. This allows you to relax and focus on spending quality time with your loved one rather than worrying about finding the right services and available assistance.

Finding the Right In-Home Services for Your Loved One

If you're looking for an in-home caregiver for a loved one with dementia, our Visiting Angels staff can help. We'll work closely with your family to determine what type of care and assistance is most appropriate for your needs. Call us or fill out our contact form today to learn more about our services in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and how you can support your loved one's safety and independence with the help of an experienced in-home caregiver.

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