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Caregiving work is all too often associated with long hours, a relentless stream of forms to fill out, lack of control over scheduling, heavy physical labor, and the lack of one-on-one connections with patients. If you're a current or former employee of a hospital or care facility, this undoubtedly sounds familiar. One of the biggest complaints from many of those in the caregiving field is that their jobs resemble an impersonal production line, and they often feel as if they're providing the bare minimum of care to an ever-changing sea of faces. It's not at all uncommon for those with elderly care jobs to feel as if the reasons they chose this line of work in the first place have become buried under an avalanche of paperwork and other superfluous duties such as stocking supplies.

Fortunately, not all caregiver jobs involve the above scenarios. If you've been longing for a change that allows you to work with patients on a one-on-one basis and provides you with a greater amount of control over your work schedule, you should look into joining our family at Visiting Angels. Here's what we can do for you if you've got experience and/or education working as a CNA or facility caregiver:

You Can Try It Out Before Making a Commitment

One of the reasons why many people remain at jobs that leave them unfulfilled and exhausted is because changing jobs feels like too great of a risk, particularly for those with family breadwinner obligations. At Visiting Angels, however, we provide a customized path to transitioning to full or part-time work with our agency. We offer flexible hours that can easily fit around your current schedule, allowing you to get a good feel for whether we're a good fit for you before you resign from your current position.

You'll Have the Opportunity to Set Your Own Hours

Working with Visiting Angels provides caregivers with substantial autonomy over their own schedules. If you're a morning person, for instance, we can provide you with morning hours, and if you're a night owl, we've got those hours as well. Many of our caregivers have children in school and choose to work around those particular hours, while others like to have their weekdays completely free and choose to work weekends only. Some of our caregivers are retired or semi-retired LPNs or RNs who want to continue working in the nursing field without the grueling schedules and expectations of facility work.

You'll Have the Opportunity to Say Goodbye to One-Size-Fits-All Caregiving Jobs

Because we realize that there are no one-size-fits-all caregiving solutions, we match caregivers with individual patients to meet the individual needs and preferences of both parties. For instance, perhaps you've got a gift for working with those with Alzheimer's, or maybe you're highly skilled at whipping up excellent diabetes-friendly dishes, we'll be sure to put your unique talents to the best possible use.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office at your convenience for more information on caregiver hiring opportunities with Visiting Angels. You can contact us by telephone at 828-665-3944 or visit our Caring Careers page for more information on moving forward toward a more fulfilling caregiving career.

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