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In Home Care in Bountiful

In Home Care in Bountiful

provider of in home care in Bountiful standing with senior patient

How To Upgrade The House For Accessibility

When a family member wants to age at home, it's important to make sure they can do so safely. Visiting Angels┬« Davis-Weber can help with that. In addition to in home care services in Bountiful, we can consult with your family about improving overall accessibility in the home. 

Home upgrades don't have to be prohibitively expensive. Instead, thoughtful upgrades throughout the home can make a surprising difference. Let's take a look. 

3 Home Upgrades and Why They Matter 

With our in home care team, families in Bountiful can always set up a no-cost consultation. At this point, we can review caregiver options, evaluate your loved one's current home setup, and offer recommendations. Here's just a few upgrades to think about: 

  • Creating secure, clutter-free routes throughout the home. Every day, we navigate around a hundred tiny obstacles without thinking. These obstacles can become a hazard for older family members. Perform a walkthrough with your loved one and see where they struggle. Think about removing any and all wires from the floor. Use corner guards or tape for sharp corners on furniture. Remove carpets or secure them with carpet tape or non-slip lining pads.
  • Install bright, motion-sensitive lighting wherever you can. You never want your loved one to struggle with finding light switches in the dark. Motion-sensitive lighting can make it easy and intuitive to navigate around the home. Bright LED lights can allow seniors with diminishing eyesight to perform tasks and see what's ahead of them with greater ease. Even nightlights can be an affordable addition to improve lighting conditions. 
  • Make it easier to perform everyday tasks without strain. Using the bathroom, taking a shower, and getting dressed are things we do without thinking every day. But overnight, these can become a challenge for seniors. Consider adding a bath seat and grab bars in the bathroom, so it's easier for your loved one to navigate this part of the home. Think about introducing a comfortable armchair into the bedroom, so they can dress while sitting down. 

Schedule Qualified In Home Care in Bountiful 

It's never been easier to set up in home care for seniors. At Visiting Angels Davis-Weber, our caregivers can visit homes in: 

  • Bountiful
  • Centerville
  • North Salt Lake
  • West Haven
  • Ogden
  • Layton
  • Riverdale 
  • Kaysville 
  • Pleasant View
  • North Ogden
  • Roy
  • South Ogden
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started with our trusted in home care team in Bountiful. Schedule your free consultation by calling Visiting Angels Davis-Weber today. 

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