Visiting Angels East Bernard, TX Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"They have good quality people, and I really like the responsiveness of the owners. My mother doesn't easily trust and feel comfortable, but they have earned her trust, and she feels very comfortable around them. "

- Sonia M.


"Visiting Angels is dependable, and they do what they originally intended to do. The services from Visiting Angels made my life easier by taking care of things that needed to be done that I would not be able to get to. "

- Anonymous


"I would tell others that I've had very good cooperation with the office at Visiting Angels. The services provided by Visiting Angels really take a lot of pressure off of me. "

- Billy D


"I would tell a friend that Visiting Angels is very careful about who they place their caregivers with. The caregiver does my laundry and she does my shopping for me. "

- Patricia H


"Visiting Angels is dependable, and they do what they originally intended to do. The services from Visiting Angels made my life easier by taking care of things that needed to be done that I would not be able to get to"

- Anonymous_668


"Visiting Angels has been nothing but good experiences. The caregivers are excellent. We couldn't do anything without Visiting Angels."

- Randy N_1


"I would tell other people that Visiting Angels sends very friendly and helpful people. The services have allowed my mother to leave the house"

- Jeff a_1


"Visiting Angels provides gap care when I can't be there. My father passed away, and since my other family lives far away, the services provide a distraction for my mother"

- Tom N_1


"I would tell someone that, for the most part, Visiting Angels really cares about the people they take care of. My mom and dad were able to stay at home because of their caregivers from Visiting Angels"

- Virginia H_1


"The caregivers from Visiting Angels are excellent. The caregivers do everything I ask them to do. The caregivers give the client a bath, and they do a lot of housework like laundry, dishes, and sweeping"

- Mary A_16


"Visiting Angels is very easy to understand and very good at the management level of letting me know what to expect. With Visiting Angels, I'm not concerned about having to watch over the client very much; they take care of things as they need to be taken care of."

- Jerry C_4


"Visiting Angels has really good caregivers that they are able to send out. I feel comfortable going out for a short time and go shopping when I need to. I know that the client is good hands when I am gone"

- Ila J_1


"Visiting Angels would be satisfactory for contacting. Visiting Angels has helped me with cleaning and other things of that sort."

- Joan S_5


"Visiting Angels is very dependable. The services make the client more independent"

- Wanda D_3


"I haven't had to miss a day of work in over a year because Visiting Angels always has someone, even when the regular caregiver is absent. The caregiver shows up on time and stays until I get home. I just love her."

- Pamela K_1


"Visiting Angels is a life saver for me because my husband is bed ridden and I have to leave for his care. It means a lot to me to have someone to care for him. I had to go on a trip to my son for a shoulder replacement, and Visiting Angels made it possible for me to leave."

- Anonymous_590


"I would tell a friend that Visiting Angels will provide what you want, honest, dependable and trustworthy. Visiting Angels services have given me peace of mind"

- Freddie S_1


"Visiting Angels has done an excellent job. From the presentation with the manager, to the actual service. I think the services would have had a good impact, but unfortunately, they could only be here for about four hours. Based on the caliber of the person who came, I still think that would have been a good arrangement"

- Larry S_4


"I would tell my friends that Visiting Angels is very good for me. The service is able to get help for my parents."

- Yvonne K


"Visiting Angels did a very good job of taking care of my loved one. The services made life easier because I was able to leave and go on a trip"

- Jayne S_


"Visiting Angels provides very caring caregivers. They are so personable. Visiting Angels had caregivers that taught me how to bathe my parents. They are so helpful."

- Jerry L_1


"I would tell someone that it was pretty easy to get services with Visiting Angels, that things didn't take too long, and that I have no complaints. The most helpful part of the services is the caregiver's ability to take the client to appointments and be a companion for her."

- Jacqueline A


"Visiting Angels is great! These services are a great help as we have a great caregiver. The services help me as it permits me to get out an run errands as he cannot be left alone, and the other family is busy."

- Helen H


"Visiting Angels has very good caregivers and they do a very thorough background check. The caregivers are very consistent. I was getting up extra early to help my husband bathe before I went to work. Having the Angels visit makes me less stressed and able to get to work earlier."

- Cathy P_4


"Visiting Angels is very prompt, courteous, and patient. Visiting Angels allows us to do the things that really need to be done around the house."

- Edward B_2


"Visiting Angels is reliable and they have good people. The caregivers are always there and they put in extra work even though they aren't paid extra. I work and it's hard to deal with my mom because she needs company for her to clean the house, so the services have freed my sister and I."

- Gwen R


"Visiting Angels does the job that I need to have done. There are things I need to have done, and having Visiting Angels is a big relief. The caregivers do things that I usually do for Sharon."

- Robert G_5


"Visiting Angels' caregivers were above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I grew to love all the caregivers from Visiting Angels dearly, but there were two or three of them that would travel with my mom to see her doctor. It gave me great comfort to have the caregivers with my mom."

- Thaddaus H


"Visiting Angels is very good and very professional. They care about their clients. Visiting Angels has really made my life easier because I have somebody that comes from 8 to 12 five days a week. It gives me time in the morning to think about things and run errands. I am not concerned that my wife is going to be okay, it is a relief off of my mind."

- Billy D_1


"Visiting Angels does a good job in caring for me, and they have a good attitude. The services have made my life easier because they come over every other week and do the household duties for me. I have trouble bending, I have a walker and I have difficulty doing daily chores, so the caregivers do laundry, sweep, and shop. They are good companions for me."

- Patricia H_4


"The manager at Visiting Angels has come out herself to fill-in if the caregiver can't make it. Visiting Angels is very responsive when we need to talk to them. They are either available immediately or call back quickly."

- Candy J


"I like the way Visiting Angels does their business and the caregivers they send are really good. Visiting Angels has made life easier by doing my housekeeping and helping me to get things straightened out."

- Jerry C_2


"I would tell a friend that Visiting Angels' caregiver was great. My mother liked her so much. Visiting Angels made my life easier because I was able to get away on vacations and I didn't even worry about my loved one because I knew she was in good hands."

- Peggy S


"I've only ever used Visiting Angels, so there is not much to compare. I liked their administration. We have had good and bad caregivers."

- Dwain &


"I would recommend Visiting Angels because they were dependable. Visiting Angels was helpful because they stayed with the client and took care of him while I left and did what I needed to."

- Doris R_1


"They are dependable, and they have good people who work for them who are trustworthy. The services impact her tremendously. My loved one looks forward to them coming. There is a regular housekeeping schedule. Housekeeping around the house is completed, and she gets a companion."

- Anonymous_708


"They have been a great source of help to me. I live by myself, and I couldn't do it! I'm really dependent on them to help me. They help with my bathing and personal needs. I can no longer drive, so they drive me to the doctor's or to get groceries. I'm pretty home-bound. We try to limit our going to the city because it's twenty miles away to do all the things in one trip. I would have no way to get food or that type of thing."

- Shirley H


"We normally don't recommend things like this, but they are in the category of being pretty good. We are very satisfied with them. They are very on time, dependable, and they are there to help in whatever way that we need help on that certain day. We are pleased with their attention. They made a difference in our lives. It's hard to measure the difference because they've provided a lot of help that we've needed. They are very prompt and dependable. That makes it easier for us to live at home during this time of our lives."

- Joan S_6


"They are very interested in taking care of the patient. The caregiver works with me very closely and allows me time to take care of other personal business."

- Billy D


"I have nothing but good experiences with Visiting Angels. The caregiver is nothing but good. I don't have to worry about my housekeeping. I am a widower so it helps having extra help."

- Jerry C_6


"My mother really likes the caregiver, she is very pleasant and helpful. It's lowered my level of concern about her living on her own."

- Denise K_1


"We are absolutely pleased with the care we receive from the Visiting Angels personnel. I do not know how we could make the day without their care."

- Billy P.

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