Meet the Owners - Mark and Vicki Harling

Our Story

On both personal and professional levels, Mark and Vicki have seen the impact of an aging population on American families. Prior to starting Visiting Angels of Rockford, Mark spent most of his career in health care publishing as a publisher of professional publications for physicians, nurses and senior executives. In his own publishing company, he launched such titles as the Assisted Living Executive Report, the National Report on Alzheimer’s Care and others which focused on the professional side of taking care of seniors. He also held senior management positions for such prominent journals as Nursing Management, American Journal of Nursing, and Emergency Medicine News. Mark’s background provides him with a keen understanding of the health care system and senior care.

On Vicki’s professional side, she has seen how a family member facing major life challenges not only impacts the individual, but the entire family. Vicki started her “second career” as a special education assistant, helping students facing learning and behavioral challenges to be successful students. She enjoyed helping “her kids” so much, she decided to get a Masters in Special Education and become a teacher in Special Education. The insights Vicki has gained from working with families with children facing major educational challenges serves her well in helping shape Visiting Angels of Rockford’s holistic approach to senior care.

Mark and Vicki also have first-hand experience in caring for an aging parent with serious health issues. Vicki’s Mom, Margia, was a healthy, vibrant 72 year old when she first started showing signs of dementia. At that time, Margia was living alone 300 miles away in Evansville, Indiana, creating a major challenge. Vicki felt she needed to move her Mom to live with her and Mark for her Mom’s safety. Margia was reluctant to give up her home and her hometown of 72 years. But Vicki felt she had no choice. Margia lived with Vicki and Mark until her condition worsened into mid-stage Alzheimer’s when she had to move into progressively higher levels of care. The stress and strain that Vicki felt over the years of caring for her Mom put a great burden on her. At that time, they were unaware that Visiting Angels was an alternative. Had they known about Visiting Angels, everyone’s life could have been much less stressful and Vicki could have focused more on being a daughter and less caregiver to her Mom, when her Mom needed her the most.

These professional and personal experiences led Mark and Vicki to open Visiting Angels of Rockford. They understand the need for the service and the tremendous personal satisfaction in helping others meet life’s most challenging periods. They were very impressed with Visiting Angel’s approach of putting the client and caregivers first in importance in providing their services. Visiting Angels’ philosophy of providing the best possible care to their clients as well as total respect and appreciation to the care giving staff fit exceptionally well with Mark and Vicki’s personal convictions.

Serving the Greater Rockford Area including Boone and Winnebago Counties
Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.