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Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews & Testimonials

Serving Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Golden Valley, Richfield and the West Metro

Visiting Angels ST LOUIS PARK, MN
5000 W 36th St #130
St Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: 952-935-0789
Fax: 952-935-0778

Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews & Testimonials

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"Caregivers are matched perfectly to my parents. They are very responsive to switch up the caregivers if they weren't a good match. "

- Lisa C., Home Care Pulse Review, March 2020


"My caregiver is very knowledgeable about what she is doing. She is very kind."

- Elaine S., Home Care Pulse Review, March 2020


"The two caregivers that provide support are highly trained. Ron definitely feels comfortable around them. Both are doing very well. They have the skills and step outside of the box to help him with his requests."

- Christopher R., Home Care Pulse Review


"The home care freed us kids up so that someone was able to be with my mom. The caregivers are matched with our needs - they are good. They are soft spoken, steady, and calm."

- Lisa W., Home Care Pulse Review


"My caregiver is very cooperative, compatible and he takes initiative. He thinks of things that I don't always remember. I really like that my caregiver asks questions!"

- Joseph M., Home Care Pulse Review


"They watch my dad during the day when me and my husband are at work. I feel confident in leaving my father with them as their team is reliable and show up when they're scheduled. The caregivers that my dad has are really helpful."

- Kati P., Home Care Pulse Review


"The caregiver we have is an angel, and I am sure the caregivers are all different, but they are very caring."

- Phil B., Home Care Pulse Review


"We selected Visiting Angels when they were recommended at the hospital. I like the flexibility and care they provide, it frees us up to do other things and not be here 24/7."

- Jae S., Home Care Pulse Review


"They will clean the kitchen and bathroom, help with my physical appearance, watch TV with me, and just be friendly with me. The caregivers are good drivers, polite, friendly, and happy."

- Rita S., Home Care Pulse Review


"Visiting Angels of Wayzata has proven to be a service which provides well trained and highly caring staff for people needing in-home assistance. The office is managed expertly by staff who make every effort to meet client needs, as their highest goal is to provide safe, respectful, reliable service to clients and their families."

- Karen M., Google Review


"I like this particular agency because the owners also had elderly parents in need of home care, and they interviewed caregivers as if their parents were needing care. They had a standard of what I would want for my mother or father. I don't have to worry on an hour by hour basis that my dad is safe and being cared for. My feeling of peace is so great because I have seen other companies do a horrific job."

- Dean L., Home Care Pulse Review


"We chose Visiting Angels to help care for my grandmother at home and could not be happier with the company. The caregivers are great and have helped us feel confident with the care and support our grandmother is receiving, but what really sets VA apart from other agencies we've used is their Scheduler, Dionna. She's kind, attentive, and extremely helpful. She responds quickly and always goes above and beyond to help us out. I strongly recommend Visiting Angels Wayzata to anyone looking for help with care of a loved one."

- Taylor L., Google Review


"Visiting Angels was wonderful in every way. Terri greeted me on the phone, was sympathetic, and gave great information. Gary met with me the very next day. He explained everything to me and was open and flexible. He was able to start 24/7 services for my mom within only a few days! The next day I met with Visiting Angels Nurse who said hello to my mom so nicely and who had an excellent, detailed, and documented plan for how to take care of my mom. They had a booklet set up for communication between shifts, and all medication changes were documented and approved through the Visiting Angels Nurse, who in turn approved it through our Hospice Nurse. The Visiting Angels Nurse and Hospice Nurse worked so well together."

- Alison S., Google Review


"The person that I have is very efficient and does a good job."

- Donna Z., Home Care Pulse Review


"They are very caring, especially the caregiver I have."

- Bud B., Home Care Pulse Review


"I like the caregivers they send because they are very active. They play games and paint with my mother."

- Gloria K., Home Care Pulse Review


"Gary and his staff were so kind and caring. He really takes an interest in the patients' well being and is very thorough. I highly recommend Visiting Angels, they were fantastic! Thanks Gary!"

- Mark W., Google Review


"Visiting Angels are life savers! Our brother who wants to stay in his own home now can. Leah comes and he perks up and looks forward to her coming again. He doesn't feel so alone any more."

- Cheryl B., Google Review


"They took great care of both my mom and dad for over three years. Our family could not have been happier with caregivers at Visiting Angels, I highly recommend them."

- Todd B., Yelp Review


"Visiting Angels has a wonderful Staff Coordinator. Caregivers are matched with my mom and are really kind to her. They are happy, cheerful and helpful."

- Jan P.


"Visiting Angels has given me another set of eyes and peace of mind. My mother really enjoys having them which improves the quality of her life."

- Carol R.


"Maureen is matched very well with the caregiver. She really never has to tell the caregiver what to do and she really trusts her."

- Robin C. - Professional Care Manager


"Visiting Angels is very prompt with the scheduling, they made it easy for the payment and insurance. They are responsive and easy to speak with and they follow-up very well."

- Michael E., July 2020


"They take care of all the daily requirements that my loved one has and that my loved one can't do themselves. It makes it so I don't have to go do it everyday, so it makes my life easier. They are very thorough."

- Jeff K., July 2020


"My mother adores the caregiver, and she is so happy at the end of the visits. The office staff is very proactive with reaching out and giving me updates on the visits."

- Mary B., July 2020


"They help my father shower safely and get ready for the day and they help with breakfast. They help him with his exercises which is very important. "

- Nora S., July 2020


"My dad has dementia so I think he's a little unclear on who these people are, but that's not a negative. He accepts their help. It's reassuring for my sisters and me that he's never alone and he's safe."

- Julie L., July 2020


"The staff at Visiting Angels is fantastic!! The care and compassion they have shown my father has been absolutely incredible. They were able to begin providing services for him within a few days of my initial request. I expected it to take weeks. Their company name is a perfect description of how I feel about their staff and services. Thank you!"

- Jeff G.


"My needs are matched well with the caregiver. We get out and walk and go to art galleries, and we both enjoy those kinds of things. It is very good and consistent, with the excellent job that Lenny does. It's easy to talk with him and he's very supportive with what I need to do."

- Joe M.


"Gary & Terri, I wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation to your Visiting Angels caregivers that I directly worked with: Megan S., RN and Jody, HHA. As a hospice nurse the most challenging situations to provide care for are patients with terminal agitation at the end of life. This patient had one of the more severe cases I have seen in a long time. The goals of the family were to have the patient at home and not to return to the hospital. I think this patient would have been hospitalized very quickly if we had worked with any other company or if it was the family just caring for the patient in the home. Megan updated me several times throughout the day to check in with the caregivers so we could adjust her medications quickly so the patient could get comfortable. We even had a three-way call with one of the caregivers, Jody, where we helped instruct her how to provide simple comfort treatments at the end of life. Megan and one of your social workers even stayed late in into the day one even"

- Erin P.


"Visiting Angels has been so great for our whole family. After my mom passed away we were so worried about my dad and how he would do. He has had the same provider for almost FOUR YEARS! They have a ton of fun together and my siblings and I no longer have to worry about my dad getting groceries, getting to and from medical appointments, or just being lonely. They have provided us with great peace of mind."

- Cait A.


"Karen S. has been our Mom's Visiting Angel since January of this year, when our Dad died. Karen has been a great friend and companion for Mom. Mom looks forward to Karen's visits three times a week. Karen has helped Mom eat a healthy lunch on the days that she is there. She also helps Mom order her groceries online. She has even taken Mom to the Beauty Shop. Visiting Angels has an Ipad program that allow Karen and our family to post pictures, videos and interesting links that Mom and Karen can view together. Mom loves to do puzzles and Karen keeps Mom supplied with new puzzles. We are so thankful that Karen has been there to support our Mom! Thanks Karen - You are the best!!"

- Karen P.


"We have been using Visiting Angels for my Mom for close to a year now. I have to say that we had some bumps in the road early on and I almost changed companies. But I am glad I stuck with them. It was during the pandemic, which brought it's own set of issues, and they were struggling with turnover issues. I am happy to say that we got through that and found some wonderful home health aids that took really good care of Mom and made lasting friendships. It really is about the quality of the aids and the schedulers ability to respond to your needs as they change. The new team of schedulers are responsive, friendly and good at what they do. If they cannot cover something, I know that they went the extra distance to try. We had three regular aids and then used one of the leads, as much as possible as she was super with Mom. It was like old friends when she showed up. Mom has so much fun and her "date night" that when they are together she tells her kids to call back later. Our regular weekday and weekend "

- Nikki

Serving Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Golden Valley, Richfield and the West Metro

Visiting Angels ST LOUIS PARK, MN
5000 W 36th St #130
St Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: 952-935-0789
Fax: 952-935-0778

Serving Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Golden Valley, Richfield and the West Metro

Visiting Angels ST LOUIS PARK, MN
5000 W 36th St #130
St Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: 952-935-0789
Fax: 952-935-0778