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How In-Home Care Can Help Elderly Depressed People

Seniors in Benton, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas can receive in-home care from Visiting Angels.

Millions of older adults have dementia, a frequent aging symptom. Depression can impact older people's quality of life and make recovering from illness or accident more difficult if it is not managed. Examples of possible activities include eating, talking with others, and exercising. Senior depression symptoms can be recognized, and improving mental health significantly impacts overall well-being.

Depression in the Elderly: Warning Signs

Even though sadness is a typical indicator of depression, it isn't always present in older people. Some people might not experience sadness, but others might. Instead, depending on their circumstances, people may feel more hopeless or despondent. They can believe they are to blame for the problems in their family. Here are a few more widespread warning signs to look out for:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Alterations in sleeping patterns
  • A decline in enthusiasm or energy
  • Remorse or a sense of worthlessness
  • Indifference to recreational hobbies or other pleasurable activities
  • Individually careless actions
  • Memory problems
  • Complaints of aches and pains that are unrelated to another illness

As soon as you notice these signs, speak with your elderly parent's doctor to convey your concerns. Your loved one needs to be assessed for depression to begin the appropriate course of treatment. Additionally, because some medications have adverse effects that can lead to depression, people must report any medications they are currently taking.

Treatments for Depression Naturally

You can employ various natural techniques to help your older folks lower their risk of depression and improve their mood.

Reducing Isolation: Many elderly people live alone, and traveling to and from events may be challenging. They might also host a few visitors. Ensure that your loved one has access to transportation and venues to go out and socialize. Plan community activities, church outings, social gatherings, and family visits with their assistance. Encourage family and friends to pay them visits at their residences as well. Remind them of the pleasure that your seniors can experience through social interaction.

Increase your level of activity: Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood. Encourage the person you love to begin practicing yoga, join a gym, go for walks, or use the pool. Your joints, muscles, balance, coordination, and mobility all benefit from exercise.

Try Something Different: Trying something different keeps seniors' minds active and compels them to learn new abilities, which can keep them from feeling down. They can see their progress while simultaneously enjoying the thrill of doing what they love. It can also assist kids in making new friends who share their interests.

Receive in-home care.

Depression can result from trauma, sickness, or disability. The quality of life can be significantly impacted by a senior care provider who can assist with non-medical needs, including meal planning and preparation, setting up neighborhood trips, light housework, getting into and out of bed, getting ready for the day, and general companionship. If seniors engage in social activities, they may mature more quickly and with confidence. The benefits of social interaction for mental wellness include easing the symptoms of depression.

Using our agency

To arrange a free consultation and learn more about the benefits of in-home care, get in touch with Visiting Angels of Benton. Your aging loved ones can get the necessary assistance and care with specialized in-home care services.



Serving Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale and Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels BENTON, AR
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Serving Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale and Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels BENTON, AR
17724 Interstate 30 Suite 4 Office 14
Benton, AR 72019
Phone: 501-300-9308
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