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24-Hour Home Care

Serving Lowell and Northwest Arkansas

213 W Monroe Ave #C
Lowell, AR 72745
Phone: 479-419-9495
Fax: 479-419-9498

24-Hour Home Care

Visiting Angels
Lowell, AR

Imagine having a professional caregiver at your loved one's side 24/7, offering continuous care within the comfort of their home. How would that impact their life?

24-Hour In-Home Care From Visiting Angels Lowell, AR

Our 24-hour caregivers provide services designed to meet your specific needs and individualized care plan. We help with daily tasks, personal care, and complex needs.

We offer the following:

  • Palliative Care
  • Bathing and Hygiene Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Respite Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Memory Care
  • Parkinson's Care
  • Companion Care
  • Life Care Navigation
  • Dressing and Grooming Assistance
  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Fall Prevention
  • Help with Daily Activities
  • Toileting and Incontinence Care
  • Mobility and Transferring Assistance
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Management

Benefits of 24-Hour In-Home Care

When you are considering your options for senior care in Lowell, AR, 24-hour care has unique advantages:

Independent Living

A sense of independence and self-direction is a critical component of mental health for seniors. 24-hour home care promotes autonomy more than is possible in an assisted living facility; access to high-quality care, with continuous, direct supervision, is a level of care that covers all the bases in the most empowering way possible.

Safe and Secure

Visiting Angels is dedicated to promoting safety and health in the home. Our compassionate caregivers are trained to be vigilant to any hazards in the house, from cluttered walkways to medication reminders and overseeing the safe use of mobility aids.

Personalized Care

Care facilities typically have a high patient-to-caregiver ratio, making providing one-on-one, individualized care challenging. 24-hour dedicated caregivers get to know our clients personally, providing unsurpassed support and companionship, night and day.

Respite Care

Our 24-hour care providers are an excellent solution to family caregiver burnout. 24/7 caregiving is highly demanding; families often must become exhausted and compromise other important areas of life to provide the required support. When a family member requires continuous oversight, respite care is non-negotiable. Our professional caregivers are here to lend a hand, helping you rest, reset, and find balance again.

Easing Loneliness

Seniors experience loneliness when age and disability limit their ability to engage in the community, attend events and functions, and connect with family members. Compassionate, engaging companionship is an additional benefit of home health services.

An Affordable Alternative

24-hour home care offers a more affordable way for seniors to access around-the-clock support and receive comprehensive services, even at night. Senior home care providers can provide excellent care without the high costs of nursing homes and residential facilities.

When Is It Time for Full-Time Care?

If this is your first time needing 24-hour home care, you may need guidance on how to tell when it's time. Most people wait too long rather than start too early. Here are some things to watch for:

Frequent Emergencies

If your loved one is experiencing increasing medical emergencies, that can indicate that 24-hour home care is the best next step. This is a sign that the individual needs constant monitoring; it also means a decline in general health, which needs a higher level of care.

Falls and Coordination Concerns

If falls are becoming increasingly frequent, it's definitely time for a 24-hour care option. Falls can be catastrophic for the elderly; our caregivers are trained to provide attentive care and prevent them before they happen.

Worsening Cognition

Cognitive impairments are a safety concern, particularly at night. Suppose your loved one is at risk of getting lost, forgetting to turn the stove off, wandering, or experiencing the late-night agitation that is common for dementia patients. In that case, the cognitive decline is bad enough to need 24/7 support.

Trouble with Activities of Daily Living

Seniors who struggle with basic self-care need assistance to live safe and comfortable lives. We provide support with all levels of senior care and can assist with personal hygiene and light housekeeping.

Caregiver Burnout

If caregivers are suffering from exhaustion, burnout, or severe strain from maintaining their other responsibilities and relationships, it's time to seek help. Give us a call—we can help.

Schedule a FREE Consultation With Us!

Visiting Angels of Lowell, AR offers a complimentary initial consultation; we will learn about your health history and care needs and work with you to create the plan of care that best meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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I can't say enough good about this company! They go above and beyond for their clients and doesn't stop there. They do the same for their employees. The compassion they have for their clients and employees is top of the line.


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Visiting Angels
Lowell, Arkansas

Serving Lowell and Northwest Arkansas

213 W Monroe Ave #C
Lowell, AR 72745
Phone: 479-419-9495
Fax: 479-419-9498