When Should Havertown Seniors Consider Living Assistance?

At Visiting Angels Havertown, we know how big a decision it can be to bring a caregiver into a loved one’s home. But we also know how difficult aging in place can be for many seniors without the assistance of a professional caregiver. If you’re unsure whether or not living assistance is right for your loved one, our team at Visiting Angels Havertown hopes that we can make your decision easier.

With this short guide, Havertown families can gain a better sense of when living assistance is needed and how to choose a living assistance provider for your loved one.

When Is Living Assistance Needed?

Families who reach out to Visiting Angels Havertown are often uncertain of when living assistance becomes necessary for seniors. The simplest answer is that living assistance is needed when seniors are no longer able to live comfortably or safely on their own but wish to continue living in their home.

As simple as that answer may seem, it becomes complicated on a person-by-person basis. After all, each person will have their own definition of what constitutes safety and happiness at home. What’s more, many seniors are resistant to the concept of living assistance. They may be wary of bringing a stranger into their home or feel insecure about the idea of relying on a caregiver.

One way that families in the Havertown area can clarify the question of whether or not living assistance is needed is to look for signs and symptoms in a senior’s health, well-being, and living conditions. Some of these may include:

  • Inability or great difficulty performing everyday tasks
  • Frailty, loss of strength, or mobility difficulties
  • A recent injury or health event
  • Worsening physical health and well-being
  • Episodes of confusion or forgetfulness
  • Diagnosis of a serious condition
  • Signs of depression, unhappiness, or isolation

Living Assistance Assessments

If you and your loved one are still wondering if living assistance is necessary, you may wish to set up a living assistance assessment. Agencies like Visiting Angels Havertown offer free living assistance assessments, giving professional advice about whether or not care is needed and, if it is, what level of care is required.

During a living assistance assessment, a care specialist will meet you and your loved one in the comfort of your loved one’s home to discuss your loved one’s health, their living conditions, and any care concerns you may have. If you decide that care could be beneficial for your loved one, this assessment also offers the chance to get the ball rolling.

Living Assistance with Visiting Angels Havertown

If you think your loved one could benefit from living assistance, we invite you to reach out to Visiting Angels Havertown. We offer free, in-home assessments throughout the Havertown region, including communities like Broomall, Main Line, as well as those in Delaware County, Montgomery County, and the Philadelphia counties.

Call Visiting Angels Havertown today to schedule a free living assistance assessment for your loved one.

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