Female caregiver escorts elderly man for a walk during a cold afternoon.

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter season is upon us, and soon we will experience the effects of cold weather. Snow, ice, and low temperatures are especially hard on senior citizens. Snow-covered walkways and frigid gusts of wind increase the risk of falling. Fortunately for family caregivers, we have some winter safety tips that will help keep seniors happy throughout this cold season.

It’s important for family and caregivers to inform seniors of the temperature each day. Freezing air often has drastic effects on the environment, causing slippery ice to form on house sidewalks and driveways. When your aging relative needs to leave the house, give them an update on weather conditions before walking outside with them. You’ll never regret taking the time to investigate the weather so everyone can practice proper winter safety.

Don’t forget to bundle up! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most elderly adults produce lower body heat due to a slower metabolism. This means that they require more insulation to protect them from cold air. Remember to provide seniors with extra layers of clothing and coats to keep them from experiencing harsh winter weather; this winter safety measure is especially important for seniors who live in cooler climates.

One of the best ways to ensure winter safety is to remind seniors to consistently take their vitamins and supplements. This is especially important during hazardous winter weather conditions. Seniors are more prone to falling during the winter months, so it’s important to keep their bones healthy.

In addition to the temperature-related winter tips for seniors, you’ll also want to craft a thorough emergency plan for the real possibility of a fall. Even when you are extremely careful, slips and falls are a consistent danger for seniors. Think of possible scenarios and create practical plans that will help your elderly relatives practice effective winter safety tips. If your loved one needs help around the house, please call your local Visiting Angels office. Our introductory meeting includes a free fall prevention analysis and our caregivers can help your loved one live safely at home this winter.

Winter safety measures for seniors should not be taken lightly. Winter is often one of the most difficult seasons for seniors, especially those who are isolated from others. Fortunately, proper preparation can alleviate most issues. We hope these winter safety tips help you and your loved one stay safe this winter. If you need help caring for a loved one, call your local Visiting Angels office to be connected with one of our Angel companions.

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