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Create normal routines for seniors during the coronavirus

Maintain a Healthy Routine for Seniors During COVID-19

While the sudden changes created by COVID-19 are preparing us all for a “new reality,” it’s also important to instill normal routines and schedules for seniors during this time of uncertainty.

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Talk to your senior loved ones about the importance of precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Talk to Seniors About COVID-19 Precautions

The coronavirus pandemic has caused family caregivers to feel more anxious about their elderly loved ones’ health and safety — especially when some seniors are refusing to change their behaviors or take COVID-19 seriously. However, there are a several things family caregivers can do to protect senior loved ones and help them understand why coronavirus is a cause for concern.

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age-related loss, managing the process of grief

Helping Your Senior Loved One Manage Aging-Related Loss

The aging process, unfortunately, is not always ideal. Getting older has been referred to as “a succession of losses.” Age-related loss can range from deafness to dementia to the death of a good friend. Age-related loss is hard to handle, but you can help a senior loved one avoid harm and find some peace by recognizing and managing the process of grief.

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Five Benefits of Full-Time Home Care

Five Benefits of Full-Time Home Care

Scheduled visits and/or part-time home care services can assist, but over time there may be signs a senior needs constant care, especially as a progressive illness affects physical and cognitive functions.

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Home Care Services Tips for Caregivers in the Sandwich Generation

Family caregivers who take care of children while handling the needs of aging parents are members of the “sandwich generation.” They are caught in the middle. With seniors living longer, it is not uncommon for adult children to be managing both ends of the

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How to Work with a Parent’s Caregiver

Helping your loved one remain in a familiar environment surrounded by their cherished possessions is attainable with caregiver support from Visiting Angels.

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