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Mother’s Day Makeovers

The saying, “when you look good, you feel good” is true for many situations, especially as we age. Recent scientific studies are showing the importance of getting dolled up in the senior years, and linking looking good to higher self-esteem, lower blood pressure, and decreased chance of dementia. This Mother’s Day, Visiting Angels caregivers are putting these findings into practice for seniors across the country. We are excited to plug in our curling irons, get out a new shade of blush, and pamper women who have cared for their families for a lifetime.

The Benefits

For many senior women, getting their hair done is not only a confidence booster, but also provides the chance to socialize with their stylist or others in the beauty shop. A study published by the Perspectives on Psychological Science, a Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, showed signs that getting a fresh hair style can do more for senior women than we thought. According to researchers, women who get their hair done can feel younger and even boast lower blood pressure. There’s nothing quite like a lady who feels vibrant and confident, especially after an appointment with a hair stylist.
But having nice hair or a nice outfit does more than just contribute to positive self-esteem. In fact, it is just the beginning. Other studies have shown that when seniors look good, they feel more confident, which can lead them to make new peer connections and friendships, or try a new activity. These extra socialization opportunities are excellent for the brain; strong peer support and healthy socialization has been shown to decrease the progression of dementia and other memory loss issues.

The Plan

Mother’s Day can be a hotbed of emotions for seniors and their families. Sometimes, seniors can feel lonely or isolated during Mother’s Day instead of honored and loved. This Mother’s Day, Visiting Angels is making a commitment to serve our clients with an extra touch. Caregivers are planning to put the research into action, giving surprise makeovers to clients across the country. From manicures to makeup, hairspray to nights on the town, caregivers will be rallying to be sure that our Visiting Angels clients know that they are appreciated and respected by many. 

The Reason

Our caregivers don’t need research studies to tell us to take good care of our clients, but it certainly validates that our personal touch caregiving philosophy is giving clients a boost to their emotional and physical health. Mother’s Day just gives us a unique opportunity to combine our relationship based caregiving practice with the latest research. We’ll take any chance we get to honor Mothers!

This month, Visiting Angels caregivers are looking forward to the opportunity to help unsuspecting clients feel extra special on a day that can be emotionally tricky. Since our caregivers often become members of the client’s extended family, it’s no wonder that our team is looking forward to making the day of our clients. They can’t wait to make these special women feel like a million bucks!

This Mother’s Day, consider adding a bottle of nail polish to your Mom’s usual flower bouquet. A little bit of pampering can do wonders for her confidence, self-esteem, and overall health. Here’s to Mothers of all ages – may you know how much you are loved and appreciated!

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