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Dementia Care Near You

Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

Visiting Angels PITTSFIELD, MA
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Dementia Care Near You

After a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, families are left with many different options for dementia care. Some families choose residential memory care, while some families turn to home care. If you’d rather explore your home care options near you, Visiting Angels at Pittsfield can help throughout your care journey.

Even though there are often many challenges that come with a dementia diagnosis, our caregivers work with their clients to help them stay at home. We’ve provided dementia care to many different families throughout Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Great Barrington, Williamstown, Shelburne Falls, Greenfield, and the surrounding communities.

Dementia is a progressive illness, which means that your loved one is going to need increasing amounts of care over time. Our home care agency can provide care that’ll elevate your loved one’s quality of life and keep them as comfortable as possible. We also provide specialized caregivers for additional needs, including Alzheimer's care. 

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  • Finding Dementia Care in Pittsfield

    At Visiting Angels of Pittsfield, our handpicked team of caregivers are passionate about providing quality care. When choosing Visiting Angels, you’re choosing the trusted, consistent aid of one of our professional caregivers. While residential memory care is focused on the masses, our home care focuses on the individual. Mealtimes, bedtime routines, and social interactions will all be customized to your loved one’s current schedule.

    How much is Dementia Care in Western Massachusetts?

    Wondering how much in-home dementia care costs in Western Massachusetts? The amount can vary based on the level of care needed and number of hours per week your senior needs care. For budgeting purposes, you can plan on dementia home care costing $420 to $2,015 per week, with an in-home caregiver spending 12 hours to 56 hours per week with your loved one. For more info on budgeting for home care and different options to pay for it, check out our Visiting Angels Guide to Home Care Costs in Western Massachusetts. Contact us for a personalized quote. 

    In-Home Dementia Care Services

    We provide professional assistance around the home, with flexible scheduling and customized care options. Some of the services that we offer are: 

    • Aid with wandering prevention & safety measures
    • Client monitoring and medication reminders
    • Assistance with walking and fall prevention
    • Providing companionship and social care
    • Household organization and light housekeeping
    • Personal care, including respectful bathing, dressing, and grooming aid
    • Planning for and preparing nutritious meals
    • Providing transportation to doctor visits
    • Running errands such as grocery shopping
    • Increased safety, comfort, and peace of mind
    • Vital resting opportunities for family caregivers
    • Memory assistance, fall prevention, and much more!

    How To Help When They Say They Want To Go Home

    At Visiting Angels® Berkshires, we know how stressful a dementia diagnosis can be for the entire family. Our professional dementia care is here to help Berkshire County area families by providing kind, compassionate assistance around the home. Our dedicated care will keep your relative safe and comfortable, while minimizing the potential need for an assisted living facility. With all the challenges that dementia brings, it's crucial to help them retain this familiar environment. 

    One common effect of the disorder is the impact it has on their ability to communicate. This leads to moments of stress where you will hear your loved one declare "I want to go home," often repeatedly. This can be very stressful and confusing for family members, especially when they are already at home. 

    With their diminished communication abilities, this is simply their way of telling you they are stressed or scared and require some extra comfort. Your focus should be on their emotions, rather than their words. Do not respond by telling them they're already home, but instead reassure them in a calm and positive way. For some seniors, things like stuffed animals, therapy dolls, and soothing blankets work great in these moments. 

    The best thing you can do for them is to provide loving support and redirect their attention in a calm way. This can be done by asking for help with a household chore, or by simply giving them a hug and telling them you'll take them home soon. This will calm their anxiety and, before long, they will forget about the request to go home. 

    Dementia Care To Help The Whole Family

    The goal of our service is to help your family manage this situation and keep your loved one living at home. Dementia affects the memory, so living in their familiar home is a far better option than relocating to an assisted care facility. Our service is designed to deliver the care they need in that familiar space, allowing them to deal with their disorder in a safe and peaceful environment. 

    We provide this service throughout:

    • Berkshire County
    • Pittsfield 
    • Great Barrington
    • Williamstown
    • Shelburne Falls
    • Greenfield
    • Western Massachusetts
    • And nearby areas

    Getting Started with Dementia Care in Pittsfield

    To begin with a care consultation and further discuss the benefits of our nearby dementia care in Berkshire County, contact Visiting Angels Pittsfield today. We offer a free in-home consultation for all prospective clients interested in our professional care. During the consultation, we will talk with you and your loved one to fully evaluate their needs. Our services are available from sunrise to sunset, so you’ll always have a helping hand whenever you need it.

    To learn more about our dementia care, contact Visiting Angels Pittsfield today by calling 413-344-9281 or using our online form.

    "A near fatal car accident left my father living in a nursing home for the remainder of his life. Dad was always very social and liked chatting with anyone who would sit with him. It was great to work with Sue and Visiting Angels to provide dad with much needed help and social interaction. The time Visiting Angels spent with Dad definitely had a positive impact on his life. My family and I are very thankful for their support."

    – Todd M. (More reviews here)

    Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

    Visiting Angels PITTSFIELD, MA
    197 South St Bldg A
    Pittsfield, MA 01201
    Phone: 413-344-9281

    Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

    Visiting Angels PITTSFIELD, MA
    197 South St Bldg A
    Pittsfield, MA 01201
    Phone: 413-344-9281