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Home Care Costs in Pittsfield & Berkshire County

Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

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Home Care Costs in Pittsfield & Berkshire County

When your parent or grandparent needs care at home, finding some that's affordable and provides a high level of care for your loved one can be a stressful process. In-home care costs are conversations we generally have early on with families looking for help. At Visiting Angels Berkshires, we make that a little easier. With affordable home care plans for seniors from our Pittsfield office, we can make sure your loved one has all the attentive support they need to live independently with joy. 

Budgeting for In-Home Care Costs In Western Massachusetts Near Pittsfield, And Throughout the Berkshires

First, know that compared to assisted living or senior home care costs, having assistance come into the home for a few hours a week is much easier to budget for. Visiting Angels costs can be significantly lower when your loved one needs help a few hours a day or a few times a week when comparing them to the cost of a senior care home.

Our home care agency near you will work closely with you and your family to ensure your loved one is getting the highest quality of care that we can deliver. Caregiving services can always be customized to the preferences and needs of your family member, and further personalized to keep your budget in mind. Many of our clients start out with care a few hours a week, and their level of care progresses as time goes on.

With our senior care services, we never stop at fulfilling the physical needs of our clients. We also look after their emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being, too. Together, we can make sure your loved one is always attended to whenever they need support. 

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Examples of In-Home Care Costs Near Pittsfield and Across The Berkshires

There are multiple scenarios where in-home care can make a lot of sense for your loved one.  Having someone come in to help run errands, complete household chores, help with hygiene care or just relieve family during work hours or to give them a break during the week. Here are a few examples of in-home care cost scenarios that might fit your needs: 

Scenario 1: Companionship

  • $105 to $570 per week
  • 3 hours to 15 hours per week

Margaret, a vibrant 82-year-old who lives in Adams, MA, found herself feeling quite isolated after her husband passed away due to Parkinson's disease. To combat the loneliness and ensure she could continue living independently, Margaret and her daughter, who lives a few hours away in Vermont, decided to enlist the assistance of Visiting Angels.

Visiting Angels provided Margaret with a dedicated caregiver who visited her 3 times a week, each time for 3-hour shifts. These companionship sessions not only helped Margaret maintain her independence but also made her day-to-day tasks more manageable.  They helped with errands, hygiene, cleaning chores and just general conversation and companionship.

When it came to the financial aspect, Margaret discovered that in-home companion care from Visiting Angels typically ranged between $315 and $330 per week. This budget-friendly option allowed her to receive the support she needed when her daughter couldn't be there without breaking the bank.

Scenario 2: Dementia Care

  • $420 to $2,015 per week
  • 12 hours to 56 hours per week

Dorothy, at the age of 68, finds herself in the middle stages of dementia. She often experiences confusion and is at risk of falling. Dorothy's daughters, who live nearby in Stockbridge, but both work full-time, are unable to provide her with the constant care she requires. To ensure her safety and well-being, Dorothy’s daughters rely on help from the dedicated services of Visiting Angels.

Visiting Angels caregivers assist Dorothy with various tasks, including transportation to doctor appointments, meal preparation, monitoring her food intake, private duty care, providing assistance during showers, and ensuring her overall safety. Dorothy's specific needs require a caregiver to be with her four days a week, with each visit lasting between 6 and 8 hours. 

Clients like Dorothy, who require medium-level care, often cannot be left alone for extended periods - but they can be supported well while staying in their familiar surroundings at home. They rely on attentive reminders and guidance to navigate their daily routines. Given the level of care required - which may include dementia care or Alzheimer's care - the estimated cost of in-home care through Visiting Angels ranges from $840 to $1,150 per week, providing Dorothy's daughters with peace of mind knowing their mother is in good hands. As the disease progresses, it may be necessary to go to Around the Clock Care.

Scenario 3: Around the Clock Care

  • $4,900 to $5,375 per week
  • 24 hours, 7 days per week

John, at the age of 87, is currently in hospice care due to his battle with stage 4 cancer, a permanent catheter, and advanced stages of COPD after years spent working as a welder. His care plan encompasses a range of essential services to ensure his comfort and well-being. John’s family is nearby, but they work full-time and want to ensure that all John’s needs are met while they cannot be with him. They enlisted Visiting Angels to help care for their father.

John's care plan includes palliative care, light housekeeping, laundry, personal care, assistance with showering and toileting, catheter maintenance, help with mobility, overnight monitoring, and grooming assistance. Given his condition, John cannot be left alone and requires round-the-clock care that encompasses both medical and nonmedical support.  Visiting Angels provides nonmedical support through the day and evening and serve as an integral part of his care team.

Clients like John, who require such high levels of in-home care, rely completely on someone assisting them with every aspect of their daily life. Recognizing the comprehensive nature of this care, the estimated cost for 24/7 in-home care in Western Massachusetts falls within the range of $4,900 to $5,375 per week. This level of care ensures that John receives the necessary attention and assistance to maintain his comfort and dignity during this challenging phase of life.

Scenario 4: Live-In Care

  • $2,600 to $3,100 per week
  • 16 hours, 7 days per week

Does your loved one sleep through the night and you have reasonable accommodations for a caregiver to live? Live-in care in Western Massachusetts may provide a lower cost alternative to 24/7 care.

Scenario 5: Respite Care

  • $210 to $350 per week
  • A day or two per week

Are you or a family member providing all the care for your loved one? A day or two off per week would make your life so much better and keep you in a positive mindset. Consider respite care for everyone's wellbeing.

How Much Does In-Home Care Cost Near You?

If you live in Western Massachusetts, the cost for in-home care from Visiting Angels Berkshires can vary based on the level of care and number of hours needed per week. According to the examples on this page, in-home care for your loved one could range from $105 per week to $5,375 per week, depending on their needs and how their needs progress as time goes on.  

Paying For Home Care in Western Massachusetts - Five Options

Now that we’ve gone over possible cost ranges for care, understanding that there are a variety of ways to pay for in-home care near Pittsfield and across Western Massachusetts. Here are a few ideas for you to investigate to help understand your out-of-pocket obligations as a care plan is created.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you (or your loved one) have long-term care insurance, they likely have a provision for in-home, non-medical care.  Review the policy and give them a call so you can understand your daily benefit and how long that benefit will be available. Typically, you need to pay the home care provider and then the provider will send in paperwork for you to get reimbursed by the long-term care insurance. 

Veteran’s Benefits

Service in our military affords veterans benefits through the Veteran’s Administration. There are two programs available for qualifying veterans to help cover home care expenses. 

The Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program – available to qualifying veterans – allows Visiting Angels to help with services such as showering/bathing and dressing, preparing meals, light housekeeping, laundry, and more. Visiting Angels Berkshires has proudly been an approved provider for the Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program since 2016.

In addition, the Aid and Attendance benefit - available for qualifying veterans or surviving spouse - can increase your VA pension to cover in-home care expenses. You can review the requirements on the Veteran’s Administration website.

If you have any questions about veteran benefits, contact Visiting Angels by calling 413-344-9281. We have experience navigating the VA system and can show you the steps to get approved for these VA benefits. 

Savings, 401K, or Other Retirement Accounts

Talk with your investment advisor about using savings, retirement accounts or other investments to pay for your in-home care. Money you have saved over the years should be used to provide care and make sure you’re taken care of when you need help. 

Reverse Mortgage

If you have equity in your home, you can borrow against that with a reverse mortgage. This can give you the funds you need to pay for in-home care while you continue to live at home. Talk to a financial advisor to see if a reverse mortgage is a right option for you. 

Massachusetts Elder Care In Home Services Funds

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Home Care Program, which includes the Frail Elder Waiver, offers care management and in-home assistance to help older adults, people with disabilities, and those with Alzheimer's Disease or similar memory problems stay in their Massachusetts homes as they grow older. To qualify for this program, you need to meet certain criteria related to your age, where you live, and your ability to do everyday tasks.

The Home Care Program provides care management and in-home support for two groups: adults aged 60 or older and those under 60 with early-stage Alzheimer's disease or related memory issues. The cost of these services and the benefits paid depends on your income.

To be eligible, you must currently live at home in Massachusetts and not be in an institution or a Certified Assisting living facility. This program aims to assist people in their homes, so living at home is a crucial requirement to participate.

Flexible and Easy-To-Update Affordable Home Care Near Pittsfield

At Visiting Angels Berkshires, we can always walk your family through our services in detail, so you know exactly what your loved one's affordable home care options are from our Pittsfield office, as well as any associated costs. We know that having answers and plans laid out clearly can help you choose what's right for your family member. 

Our care plans are adapted to support each client, personalizing the tasks that we provide support with, the frequency of home visits, and the schedule of care that occurs. For seniors in the Pittsfield area, our affordable home care includes the following options: 

  • Care during evenings, weekends, or holidays
  • Overnight care and 24-hour in-home care
  • Assistance with errands and household chores
  • Support with mobility and hygiene
  • Dementia care
  • Alzheimer's care at home
  • Part-time, full-time, or short-term care schedules
  • Live-in care

Contact Visiting Angels for Affordable Home Care in Pittsfield

With our affordable home care services, Visiting Angels Berkshires helps seniors live life on their preferred terms. We offer support to families throughout The Berkshires and surrounding communities, including Pittsfield, Great Barrington, Greenfield, Shelburne Falls, Williamstown, and Western Massachusetts.

We know that budget and cost is always a consideration when it comes to senior care, and we always strive to meet your family member's needs while keeping your costs in mind. We offer hourly care and other affordable options as needed. Together, we can review home care options for your family and figure out what's right for your loved one.  

Contact Visiting Angels for Affordable Home Care Berkshires

If you're interested in learning more about Visiting Angels Berkshires and our affordable home care, contact us by calling 413-344-9281 or using our online form to book your free home consultation.

Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

Visiting Angels PITTSFIELD, MA
197 South St Bldg A
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone: 413-344-9281

Serving Pittsfield, the Berkshires and Surrounding Communities

Visiting Angels PITTSFIELD, MA
197 South St Bldg A
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone: 413-344-9281