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Home Care Services in Bristol

Home Care Services in Bristol

provider of home care services in Bristol standing with senior patient

Aging comes with all sorts of added difficulties. For many elderly citizens, balance, and other declining physical abilities can lead to disastrous falls. A fall that might seem minor to a younger individual can have terrible consequences for a senior. Not only will they experience a higher frequency of broken bones, but those injuries will create a lasting effect on their body's ability to function properly. At Visiting Angels┬« Tri-Cities, we offer home care services around Bristol to limit falls around the home. 

The key to reducing this danger is to recognize that unassisted seniors face a variety of risks around the house. Simple tasks like getting out of bed, getting dressed, tying their shoes, and more can lead to a serious fall.

Many seniors fall when attempting basic movements that seem safe at the time, however, it's not always easy for them to gauge just how far their abilities have diminished. With this in mind, we focus on preventing falls by reducing potential hazards, modifying the home, building better habits, and providing critical in-home assistance from an attentive caregiver. 

The Benefits of Our Home Care Services in Bristol

The benefits of our Safe and Steady fall prevention program include:

  • Mobility assistance to support your senior relative around the home
  • Relief from the psychological burden of worrying about constant falls
  • A relief for caregiving family members
  • Helpful tips for safer habits 
  • Home modifications to limit fall risks
  • The chance to extend their home life and avoid the nursing facility
  • Great companionship to increase safety and comfort
  • Other assistance including grooming care, household chores, and more!

In Home Fall Prevention in Your Area

With customized assistance from a kind, caring individual, we can target your loved one's needs and help them safely navigate day-to-day life. Even a seemingly mundane fall can be disastrous for their current and future health, and we are proud to deliver the kind of attentive support they need to reduce this risk around the home. 

Our service area includes the following communities:

  • Bristol
  • Johnson City
  • Kingsport
  • Blountville
  • Colonial Heights
  • Gray
  • Watauga
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Visiting Angels Tri-Cities is proud to keep local seniors safe from the threat of household falls. To learn more about our home care services across Bristol, contact us today and book your care consultation. 

Serving Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, TN and the Surrounding Communities

321 Old Gray Station Rd #3
Gray, TN 37615
Phone: 423-207-0241