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In Home Care in Kingsport

In Home Care in Kingsport

provider of in home care in Kingsport standing with senior patient

4 Home Upgrades For Aging in Place

As family members age, everyday tasks may present new risks. Making sure your loved one has the support they need can help them remain at home for longer, aging in place on their terms. At Visiting Angels┬« Tri-Cities, our in home care services make it easier for seniors in Kingsport to live at home longer. We know how much our clients value their independence.  

Making sure your loved one can remain independent may involve a few changes to the home. A few home upgrades can improve safety while offering greater mobility and ease. Let's review a few easy-to-incorporate upgrades. 

4 Ways To Upgrade The Home For Increased Safety and Mobility 

Most of our homes aren't designed for maximum accessibility. For seniors living at home in Kingsport, certain features of the home can be fall hazards or otherwise present safety concerns. Here are 4 ways to upgrade your home, as recommended by our in home care team: 

  • Upgrade lighting. Increase overall lighting throughout the home, especially in the bathroom, bedroom, entrance, and hallways. Make sure areas are brightly lit, and consider motion-activated lighting for greater safety. 
  • Remove knobs. Doorknobs and knob faucets can be harder to grasp, especially for seniors with joint pain. Replace these with lever handles. Swap out any knobs on cabinets with D-handles for easier access. 
  • Add mobility support. Think about adding a bath seat, toilet risers, and pull bars. A seat in the entrance can assist seniors who need time to put on or take off shoes. These additions can all help to reduce the risk of falls.  
  • Secure any carpeting. Rugs and carpeting can be a big concern for tripping. Secure the edges of rugs with carpet tape, and think about replacing mats with non-slip mats for extra safety. 

Our Comprehensive In Home Care for Kingsport Area Seniors 

With Visiting Angels Tri-Cities, you can set up comprehensive in home care and support for your loved one. Our initial consultations make it easy to navigate your options, bring up any questions you have, and get recommendations about home upgrades and fall prevention. We make sure our clients always get personalized care that meets their needs. 

We support families in:  

  • Kingsport
  • Blountville
  • Gray
  • Johnson City
  • Bristol
  • Colonial Heights
  • Watauga
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Help your loved one remain at home in Kingsport. To set up a consultation for in home care, get in touch with Visiting Angels Tri-Cities today. 

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