Employee Reviews

At Visiting Angels, part of our mission statement includes being respectful to our office staff and our care giving staff. It also states:
"We desire to not only have a pleasant experience for the care recipient, but also for our 'angels' as well!"

Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"The gift was so thoughtful of you ..."  (Caregiver, Susan)

"You are the most loving and caring employers I ever had."  (Caregiver, Zonabo)

"Thank you for the wage increase, it shows you appreciate us."  (Caregiver, Millie)

"Thank you so much for the gift card in the mail - it was such a nice surprise!" (Caregiver, Diane)

"They coordinate with their staff in a very organized manner." (Caregiver, Nancy)

"They are an amazing team and worked through my schooling semesters. I really appreciate it." (Caregiver, Linda)

"They are one of the most caring company that I have ever worked for. This company looks out for its clients as well as its employees." (Caregiver, Kim)

"It is the only agency I know that really pays attention to the home and client needs, as well as caregivers. Not all agencies are as good as Visiting Angels." (Caregvier, Rebecca)

"Just a great company to work for." (Caregiver, Reeshemah)

"What you do gives us strength to work with care recipients and we enjoy what we do. Thank you for your support to the caregivers." (Caregiver, Priscilla)

"What I appreciate from Visiting Angels is the care and concern and resepect they have for their employees." (Caregiver, Eucharia)

"It is a wonderful experience every time!" (Caregiver, Cordelia)

"You are concerned about my employment needs, thank you." (Caregiver, Kim)

"The staff is very caring and very respectful." (Caregiver, Angelica)

"It is a good agency. The staff ar respectful to the CNAs and are caring." (Caregiver, Rita)

"It's been pleasant to work with you!" (Caregiver, Blanche)

"You all are like family to me." (Caregiver, Kim)

"Visiting Angels are really Angels sent from God to care for His people. They are the best." (Caregiver, Mary)

"When you have a personal issue, they listen keenly and try to give a solution." (Caregiver, Jane)

"We 'the angels' appreciate your style of administration and we believe any person who have the chance to work with you will never regret it." (Caregiver, Sakina)

"Thank you for thinking of me all of the time." (Caregiver, Clara)

"Visiting Angels care about patients and angels. I'm always happy after talking with owners or office." (Caregiver, Ide)

"I enjoy working for Visiting Angels." (Caregiver, Yvonne)

Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.