Alzheimer's Home Care in East Cincinnati, OH

After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans across the nation deal with Alzheimer’s.

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be a shock not just for the individual dealing with the disease, but for their entire family as well. But remember, that are steps you can take to be proactive when treating Alzheimer’s disease. The sooner that you see the warning signs, the better. When you see the warning signs, the sooner that your loved one can receive Alzheimer’s home care.

We’ve enlisted the professionals at Visiting Angels of East Cincinnati to curate a list of Alzheimer’s warning signs:

Be sure to know these 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s:

  1. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  2. Confusion about time or place
  3. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  4. Difficulty completing tasks at home or work
  5. Trouble understanding visual images or spatial relationships
  6. Decreased or poor judgment when making decisions
  7. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  8. Changes in mood or personality
  9. New problems with words in speaking or writing
  10. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

As you read through this list, it’s important to remember that Alzheimer’s isn’t a normal part of the aging process. Some of the above warning signs may happen at varying degrees. But, a person with Alzheimer’s will have symptoms that get worse as time progresses.

If someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s take these initial steps:

  1. Educate yourself about the disease
  2. Take care of financial, legal, and long-term care planning issues
  3. Employ cognitive stimulation
  4. Arrange respite and/or regular Alzheimer's home care services
  5. Build a support system

Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? It’s important to remember that you have options in Alzheimer’s home care. To learn more about our Alzheimer’s home care or schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Visiting Angels of East Cincinnati today.


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