A professional 24/7 caregiver does chores, like ironing, for a senior woman at home.

10 Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

Last updated on August 08, 2021

Seniors living with chronic health conditions or physical and emotional limitations may need around-the-clock support at home, but the constant care they require can sometimes be impossible for families to manage and sustain. While most seniors want to age in place at home for as long as possible, they may be reluctant to move in with a family member or to an assisted living facility.

Live-in and full-time home care can be a better option. Professional caregivers provide the 24/7 care seniors need – day and night – in the comforts of home.

Why Choose 24-Hour Home Care?

Poor eyesight, mobility issues, memory loss, and deteriorating health are some things that can make life difficult for older adults. Simple, everyday tasks can become challenging and frustrating. Professional caregivers from Visiting Angels can handle these daily responsibilities and offer safety, support, and companionship around the clock for seniors.

Here are 10 benefits for choosing 24-hour home care:

  1. Personalized care
    A one-on-one support system enables a high level of personal care for seniors. Meals, activities, and other requests can be tailored to your loved one’s preferences.
  1. Independence
    You might think a 24-hour home care specialist would take away the independence of aging adults, but the opposite is true. A professional caregiver can instill stability for seniors to help them feel confident at home.
  1. Safety
    Professional home caregivers from Visiting Angels are trained to identify tripping and accident risks as well as other potential household hazards for seniors. They can act as your and eyes and ears to monitor and protect your loved one.
  1. Affordability
    Nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly can become expensive. Knowing you’re getting reliable, affordable home care is a cost-effective advantage of a 24/7 live-in caregiver.
  1. Friends and family support
    When your loved one is comfortable in their home, they can welcome and entertain family and friends. Visitors can come when they want, unlike in nursing homes that have permanent visiting hours. This flexibility enables more people to spend quality time with senior loved ones.
  1. Lifestyle maintenance
    Many things change when seniors move into a nursing home – a new room, surroundings, people, and schedules. All of these transitions can disorient and upset the elderly. A 24-hour home caregiver will ensure the care they need without disrupting their normal routine.
  1. Companionship
    In addition to physical assistance, a 24-hour professional caregiver offers emotional support and one-to-one companion care. A 24-hour home care aide provides seniors with an acquaintance they can rely on and prevent loneliness.
  1. Respite for the family caregiver
    Many family caregivers can become overwhelmed when supporting an elderly loved one and may benefit from respite care. A 24-hour caregiver can provide families a brief break by offering a helping hand with household responsibilities. Families can rest easy knowing there is a caring, competent professional taking care of their loved one.
  1. Transportation assistance
    Professional caregivers can help with day-to-day transportation to and from doctor appointments, grocery store visits, and other out-of-home activities. Family members may not always be around to help with these daily excursions. A 24-hour home care aide can arrange transportation for your loved one and make sure they get home safely.
  1. Assistance with chores
    Everyday tasks around the home can become too difficult for the elderly to accomplish. A 24-hour home caregiver can tackle these chores and keep the house clean and orderly.

Home Assessments for 24-Hour Care

During a Visiting Angels’ home care assessment, we’ll meet with you and your loved one to determine how 24-hour care can deliver the best outcome. Our Select Your Caregiver® program enables you to choose your loved one’s caregiver(s). Thanks to our in-depth care assessments, we'll suggest caregiver matches that closely meet your needs, making it easy to select the right care professional.

Visiting Angels’ 24-hour home caregivers provide dedicated and compassionate care for seniors, keeping them safe and comfortable while giving you peace of mind. Take the first step to learn more through a home care assessment.

If you're interested in our compassionate home care services for you or a loved one, contact your nearest Visiting Angels home care agency today or call 800-365-4189.
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