Senior man sets home alarm by entering passcode numbers into keypad.

Home Security Tips to Keep Seniors Safe

Last updated on May 06, 2022

As more and more seniors choose to age in place in the comforts of home, many family members have legitimate health and safety concerns for their loved ones:

  • What if there is a fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leak?
  • What if mom falls?
  • What if dad suffers a heart attack or stroke?
  • What if someone tries to break in?

These worries can be overwhelming for adult children, especially those who live far away from their elderly parents.

But concerned families—near and far—can gain some peace of mind through innovative home security devices that protect seniors from potential dangers and threats.

Home Security Devices for Seniors

A whole range of user-friendly home security systems and gadgets are available for individuals fretting about an elderly loved one’s safety. Some popular home security devices include:

  • Video doorbells
    A video or “smart” doorbell is an excellent choice for older adults who have trouble getting to the door quickly. Most video doorbells are connected to a video camera that displays an image of the person outside the door. These devices also have a two-way speaker system that allows the homeowner to communicate with the visitor. Certain video doorbells come with additional features, such as automatic face detection, video storage for later review, and even remote monitoring through a smartphone or mobile app.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
    Indoor and outdoor cameras can be very useful for maintaining home security. Many camera systems can connect to a smartphone or computer for remote monitoring. Indoor security cameras may also provide a two-way speaker system to help family members and their elderly loved ones to communicate.
  • Automatic lights
    Automatic lights (“smart lights”) are a great option for seniors who have trouble seeing in low light conditions. Automatic light systems can turn on when someone comes home or opens certain doors. The systems can be scheduled to turn lights on and off at certain times of the day.
  • Automatic door locks
    Automatic door locks – also known as smart door locks – provide an extra layer of security. These locks close automatically so you know your loved one won’t forget to lock the door after coming home. Some smart locks can be set on a schedule to make sure they lock after a certain time.
  • Outdoor motion sensors
    Motion sensors can be placed around the perimeter of a home to detect and deter unwanted company. Motion sensors detect movement and send an alert to a control panel or base set. Some systems will contact authorities for assistance. Many motion sensors now come equipped with automatic lights, cameras, and even sirens to provide an additional deterrent.

  • Door and window alarms
    When a door or window sensor is triggered, these devices will send an alert to you and the authorities. A loud alarm will also occur to frighten an intruder and alert neighbors. Door alarms can also help family members keep track of an elderly loved one who may wander at night.
  • Medical alert systems
    Medical alert systems have come a long way in recent years. In addition to wearable devices that can be activated with the push of a button to summon emergency aid, medical alert systems can respond to voice and monitor individuals for falls or other emergencies. Most medical alert systems can also be programmed to alert a caregiver in the event of an emergency via phone call or text message.

If you want multiple security options but don’t want to install each individually, consider purchasing a complete home security system. Many systems come bundled with a variety of safety features. Most complete home security systems enable users to connect to smartphones or other smart devices for remote monitoring. In addition, some complete home security systems may also have the option to purchase 24/7 professional monitoring.

Home Care Protection for Seniors

In addition to purchasing a home security device, seniors can rely on a Visiting Angels’ in-home caregiver to help them stay healthy, happy, and safe. Discover how hiring a senior care aide is another popular resource that provides safety benefits and much more.

Our care coordinators are available to discuss this and more via a free home care consultation.

If you're interested in our compassionate home care services for you or a loved one, contact your nearest Visiting Angels home care agency today or call 800-365-4189.
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