Female care worker helps elderly woman with decorating Christmas tree in her home during the holiday season.

Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress for Seniors

Last updated on December 15, 2021

Most people look forward to relaxing and celebrating with family and friends during the holiday season. But, sometimes, holiday preparations and expectations can make the season stressful.

Seniors can sometimes feel the stress of the holidays more than younger adults due to:

  • Distance from loved ones
  • Loss of family and/or friends
  • Fatigue from performing holiday-related tasks
  • Poor health
  • Elimination of certain holiday traditions

Don’t let a potential case of the holiday blues damper your senior loved one’s mood. Learn ways to instill some joy and lift their spirit during this truly special time.

Boost Holiday Cheer for Your Senior

Here are five tips and suggestions to lower your senior’s stress level to help them feel excited and jolly during the holiday season:

  1. Celebrate in a safe and familiar environment
    Seniors are at a higher risk of falling
    and becoming seriously injured during the mad rush of the holidays. This year, make sure to fall-proof the location where you will be celebrating with your loved one. It’s also important to remind your senior to be extra diligent around stairs.

  2. Make travel easy
    Take care of holiday travel arrangements ahead of time. Many seniors may find traveling—even short distances—to be challenging. If your loved one has difficulty traveling, consider celebrating at their house or somewhere close to their home.

  3. Plan meals
    Many seniors have restrictive diets prescribed by their health care providers to maintain good health. Common nutritional recommendations for seniors include low-sodium or low-carbohydrate diets. Unfortunately, traditional holiday meals may not fit in with your loved one’s dietary needs. Take time to cook food your loved one can safely enjoy.

  4. Keep up with appropriate levels of physical activity
    As the weather gets colder and activities move indoors, it is important to maintain physical activity. Regular exercise of appropriate intensity is important for seniors to maintain good physical and mental health, regardless of the season. There are plenty of exercises seniors can do at home, and bundling up and going on family walks can be enjoyable during wintertime, too.

  5. Reduce gift-related financial stress
    Holidays can be difficult on your wallet, and seniors are no exception. Many seniors want to shower their children or grandchildren with gifts, but may be unable to afford it. This holiday season, consider a “Secret Santa” or “white elephant” gift exchange to help them enjoy the holiday spirit while staying within a budget.

In-Home Caregivers Can Help Reduce Holiday Stress

If your loved one needs more support this holiday season than you can manage, Visiting Angels is here to help. Our non-medical, in-home caregivers offer a wide range of services to help during the holidays, including:

  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Medication and exercise management
  • Assistance with holiday shopping or decorating
  • Help with mobility

Give your loved one the gift of a Visiting Angels caregiver. A Visiting Angels in-home caregiver will help your senior and you enjoy time together as a family this holiday season. Contact us today!

If you're interested in our compassionate home care services for you or a loved one, contact your nearest Visiting Angels home care agency today or call 800-365-4189.
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