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Reviews for Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens

Serving Palm Beach Gardens, Palm City, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Hobe Sound, Stuart, West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County, FL

8645 N Military Trl #407
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-328-7611
Fax: 561-328-7607

Reviews for Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens

"Visiting Angels of the Palm Beaches is the most awesome group of caregivers: every single one, is an absolute gem. My brother and I don’t know what we would’ve done without them in caring for our Mother. Thank you, Jackie and all the wonderful angels you’ve sent us!"

 - Laura E.

“My 90-year-old mother fell and broke her arm a year ago and was in real need of home care. Knowing the great reputation of Visiting Angels, I called them after checking their recent(wonderful) reviews. This gave me the confidence to start services. We had to do 24-hour care for many months as mom couldn’t do much for herself. Our experience has been very positive. The caregivers have been competent and caring. Honorable mention needs to go to our care coordinator Jackie who has always been willing and able to meet requests, listen attentively to mom’s changing needs, and make any adjustments in hours and staffing! I am out of state, and knowing that my mother’s needs are met for safety and compassionate quality care is priceless!”

– Debbie D.

"There is a reason Visiting Angels has received the Palm Beach Post Best of the Best Award ! Their operation is efficient, and communicative. The caregivers they have sent to assist my 95 year old Mom have been caring, informative. They genuinely care about my Mom.. I couldn't ask for anything more. My siblings and I are so very grateful for their help! "

- Donna G.

“The staff at Visiting Angels has been flexible with the changes in my father’s health care needs, provided excellent cares and fit in with his multigenerational household in a very warm and supportive way. We have used them and look forward to using them again.

– Barbara B.

“They really are Angelsđź’• My Mom fell down on a Sunday night and they were there for her the next day, when she left the hospital. Living in a different state, I wouldn’t be able to get to her for two days. They gave me a peace of mind and a feeling of security. Thank you to the office management staff for working so quickly to make my Mom feel safe. And a special Thank you goes out to the sweet, kind and gentle nurse who helped her and stayed with her for the three days I couldn’t be there. ”

– Yvonne F.

"My Dad went in the hospital at 84 years old from his memory care facility with a serious infection. Due to his dementia we really needed around the clock service and Visiting Nurses not only delivered, we believed their loving companionship is a big reason that my Dad is still here. They were outstanding and helped while I rushed to get to my Dads bedside from St Louis MO. Bravo to you and your team and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. Worth every penny! Thank you."

- Mike P.

"Visiting Angels makes my life easier. I live in New York now so my Mom is far away - you have very reliable, compassionate caregivers that show a good work ethic and assist my Mom with almost everything. They have such good personalities and sense of humor, they take the time to talk to her and guide her. They are flexible and quick to respond whenever I call, and make adjustments when needed."

 - Daniel K. - New York and West Palm Beach

“Thank you to Visiting Angels who more than lived up to their name! They jumped in on short notice, went above and beyond the call of duty and found an excellent companion for my mom at the last minute. They are the epitome of caring and good customer service. Thank you for all you do!”

Jan E. - Boynton Beach

"This agency came highly recommended to me. The caregivers have all seemed very well trained and knowledgeable. The caregivers are very compassionate, and I feel they do an excellent job whether taking me to the doctor or helping around the house. I would definitely recommend Visiting Angels to anyone in need of homecare."

- Leonora G. - West Palm Beach

“Visiting Angels of the Palm Beaches has been just wonderful for me. From a very professional office staff to the owner Irv. My wife has received the most caring and loving care from their caregivers. I cannot begin to tell you how they have made my wife’s life so much better and lifted some of the heartache from me. Call and speak to Irv Seldin, you will be doing yourself a favor.”

– Paul S. - Palm Beach Gardens

“I have been more than pleased with Visiting Angels in Palm Beach Gardens. The office staff is pleasant to deal with and they have been very responsive to all requests, including those requiring same day response. They have always assigned home care staff that are professional and well suited to our specific needs. I would absolutely recommend this organization without qualification.”

– David O. - Palm Beach

"Our Visiting Angels caregiver was more than outstanding. She understood many of the characteristics of Alzheimer's. As a result she was able to provide daily routines and activities that kept my wife fully involved. Upon my return, each day, my wife as happy and smiling because she felt that she able to “accomplish” something during the day. Equally as important, I, as the full time caregiver was able to get a much needed break from the daily burden that I am carrying. This helped relieve some of my stress."

D.P. - Palm Beach Gardens

"Visiting Angels took me home when I was released from Jupiter Hospital and saw to it that I had the round-the-clock care I needed, in addition to prescriptions, meals, etc. Their caregivers were all very professional and caring. Their company is the best."

 - Marcia H - Jupiter, Florida

"Just wanted to say Thank You to Visiting Angels and Trish for being so kind and helping me out. Much appreciated. She is awesome!!!! Your service is awesome."

Robin K - West Palm Beach, FL

"I have been in Health Care since 1990. Professionally I have dealt with a lot of Home Health and Private Duty Agencies and up until now, have never found what the Marketing and Sales people tell me to be what actually takes place.Then I met Irv Seldin, Chief Operating Officer with Visiting Angels. I remember how sincere he was and the fact that he said he personally knew his staff and tried to fit the right person with each client. I gave them a call and hoped for the best.

Irv not only came out himself to meet my Dad but kept to his word and called me a few times to discuss the staff members that he thought would be a perfect fit for Dad. The attention to detail meant a lot. Right off the bat Irv was looking for Dad’s specific needs. Marie was wonderful. She took Dad for walks after lunch and they had wonderful conversations. She looked after him like he was her own Dad and understood what it meant for him to have Dementia. She knew how to use behavior management and reduce his frustration when he couldn’t remember something.

Dad still talks about Marie fondly. I would highly recommend this company. They are the only Private Duty Agency that actually provided what they said they would. The smile on my Dad’s face whenever you mention Visiting Angels and Marie is the proof."

 - Debra Swain - Very Grateful Customer

“Irv was sensational. He helped us and guided us in every way. We have never experienced care and concern like he showed us. We thank God for your assistance when we really needed it.”

John H. - West Palm Beach, FL

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. You went above and beyond.”

 Elaine F. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“There are two things that stand out for me in working with Visiting Angels for my parents’ care. The first is how helpful you have been in figuring out the care-giving schedule. It was a balancing act to ensure my parents had enough attention without feeling overwhelmed with this new situation in life. The second is the caregiver you provided. She is thoughtful and attentive, but most of all respectful of my parents. Thank you for your help in this transitional time for us all."

Pamela G. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Ivette’s professionalism, demeanor and genuine benevolence are greatly appreciated. She never missed a scheduled day and was always punctual. It was a relief to us to be able to depend on Ivette to handle many duties that were difficult for us."

 Norma S. - Singer Island, FL

"Thank you for responding within an hour of our call for help with our aged mother. And when you came out to the house to evaluate her needs, you were caring, kind and considerate of her needs. We really appreciated your response, on a weekend, no less."

 Marilynn T. - Palm Beach County

“I want to thank you again for sending Janet to work with my Mom. She was an incredible support and help for my Mom during her last six months in Florida. My Mom is very, very fond of her, as is my whole family. I can’t say enough good things about Janet and your agency.”

Nancy D. - Lake Worth, FL

“My parents and I could never have managed without the superb support of Visiting Angels of The Palm Beaches. I have the highest regard for Irv Seldin and his team and unequivocally recommend their services to anyone in need.”

 Elizabeth B. - Juno Beach, FL

"If it were not for your agency I wouldn’t be where I am today—100% better than I was a year ago. Trish has certainly been a jewel for caring for me. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is everything I needed and more. Thank goodness for my daughter in law when she found your agency. It certainly is a pleasure doing business with you people."

Lynn L. - Lake Worth, FL

"Thank you… We are lucky to have Jane and Visiting Angels."

 Frances S. - Singer Island, FL

"Michelle is a fantastic relief for our loved one!! We all live out of town from our elder. So it is a great relief to know she is in the competent hands of Michelle. She is so kind, understanding, intelligent and willing to make each day for her better than the next! This age (96) can be a challenge but Michelle accepts it like this was her relative. What a comfort it is to know Michelle will be with her. Thanks from the whole family to Visiting Angels for making this step seamless and less worrisome."

Mary M.

"Visiting Angels has been wonderful for us by all measures. They were immediately ready to listen to our needs and then to respond in exactly the right way. They visited to assess our situation at the beginning and then helped set just the right plan. And they regularly checked back to see how it was all working. We have had a number of different ‘angels’ over the time we have used them (although with a lot of consistency) and all have been helpful, gracious and caring. They have met the needs easily (my husband is not mobile.) They have helped in several of the expected ways and then don’t leave until the area has been tidied - bed made, laundry in the laundry room, etc. We have had to change our plan a couple of times because of new needs and Visiting Angels has been immediately helpful. Someone is always available at the main office - so 24/7 - and we have had to be in contact over at least one weekend. We have been overwhelmingly pleased with Visiting Angels and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. They have made our lives so much easier and better. They truly care and work hard to be the best help possible. They have been an enormous help to me - a gift and a blessing. I am very grateful."

 Jamie B.

"Visiting Angels was amazing every step of the way in helping my mother find a home health care aide. Their customer service is way above what one would expect. They were very helpful in getting approval from my mother's longterm insurance and assisted in processing all the paperwork. I highly recommend this agency in helping your parent or loved one get a quality home health care aide."

Felicia A.

"Our family has been using Visiting Angels services for a number of years now. First to care for our dad, and now for our mom. We have nothing but the highest praise for them. The quality of the caretakers and the compassion and concern of everyone involved in the agency has been top notch. We are forever grateful for all that they do for us."

 Jane J.

"We have been so pleased with Visiting Angels. The first assistant they sent was terrific, so much better than we had been used to with a competing service. Mom took to her right away. She’s warm, professional, kind, and committed to providing great care. When a substitute was needed to cover time for a medical issue, the sub that VA sent was every bit as good - professional, kind, devoted to improving mom’s quality of life under her care. Our experience with Visiting Angels so far is a great one. Shout out to the office staff as well - pleasant, professional, warm. We feel really lucky to have found this service, can’t recommend highly enough. Thanks to Jane, Kelly, Wilna, Fizelene, and all the Angels we have yet to meet. Five stars."


"I had an emergency situation and needed a quick turnaround with home health care. Visiting Angels was able to arrange everything I needed on short notice and sent Nancy to us immediately. My husband thinks she's great and so do I!"

 Susan S.

"Visiting Angels was excellent. Management was competent and kind. The scheduling staff was helpful and responsive. Although our loved one was in and out of the hospital necessitating frequent schedule changes, they never missed a beat and saw to it that we got the help we needed 100% of the time. The aides, who were knowledgeable and compassionate, lived up to the company name. They were punctual, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to help us during a devastating time. I would recommend this service highly."

Mindy S.

"Leyda and the team at Visiting Angels were great in getting us set up with the services we needed. They were professional, friendly, and always willing to help in any way they could. The angel we have, Fred, is an amazing caregiver. I would highly recommend their services!"

 Bonnie M.

"Visiting Angels is a wonderful agency. Their caregivers and office staff are all competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate. My mother is in her mid 90's and I (her son) live in Maryland. Visiting Angels has allowed her to remain in her condominium where she feels safe and comfortable, as opposed to being in a nursing home. They have provided many weekly hours of home care for her for many years. All of the home care workers that have been with us were well trained and very caring. Jackie is her primary home care worker now, and my mother loves her! Jackie takes care of all her needs, and spends quality time with her as a friend and companion. Visiting Angels gives me peace of mind because I know my mother is being well cared for and enjoying the daily company."

Kristi R.

"The care for a loved one ... especially the care they provided for my beloved husband as he went through the final life stages of liver cancer. The care provided by Visiting Angels was far beyond my expectations. I could not have gotten through it without them .. and my husband had complete trust in the caregivers through his final days. Thank you, Visiting Angels!"

 Susan W.

"Visiting Angels is a good choice for your home health needs. Their caregivers are genuine and compassionate, and the office staff is very supportive and understanding, even on weekends!"

Teri V.

Serving Palm Beach Gardens, Palm City, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Hobe Sound, Stuart, West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County, FL

8645 N Military Trl #407
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-328-7611
Fax: 561-328-7607

Serving Palm Beach Gardens, Palm City, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Hobe Sound, Stuart, West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County, FL

8645 N Military Trl #407
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-328-7611
Fax: 561-328-7607