In-Home Care for Seniors with Dementia


Families coping with a loved one’s diagnosis of memory loss face difficult decisions on how to best care for their loved one. Providing in home care can be the best option for a majority of dementia sufferers. We have developed our in home memory care program based on the latest clinically reviewed best practices for dementia care. We take a holistic, highly individualized approach to engage our clients with memory loss.

Our Program includes:
  • Caregivers are certified Dementia Care Specialists, trained in communication and behavioral strategies
  • We use our client’s background and current and past interests to form the basis of our plan of care.
  • We strive to have clear and accurate understanding of our client’s abilities, tastes, interests, values and forms of spirituality.
  • We do as much as our families want us to do, our families are in charge
  • Our care plan can be built around these focal points
    • Focus on building structure, routine and daily habits help reduce the stress associated with memory loss
    • A healthy diet high in nutrients and protein designed to support brain health
    • Hydration- getting enough daily fluids can also help stem the mental decline
    • Mental engagement- individualized activities that support cognitive functioning
    • Physical activity- it’s been clinically demonstrated that exercise can have a greater impact on retaining cognitive abilities than medication
    • Sensory engagement – music therapy has been shown to have a tremendous impact on mood and cognitive functioning.
    • Monitoring the physical environment to reduce confusion and agitation
Our Memory Program’s Core Principles
  • Focus on retained abilities and possibilities – doing as much “with” as opposed to “for” the client
  • Holistic approach to care to help our clients retain as much of their cognitive and physical abilities as possible
  • Increase our client’s feelings of dignity, self-respect and help them live their lives with a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Help them reengage in their lives, give them a sense of belonging and to facilitate and support a purposeful use of time.
  • Provide opportunities to reduce, refocus or eliminate negative behaviors
  • Enable opportunities and support for verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Focus on creating an environment of dignity, self-respect and moments of joy
  • Bring the past into the present to enable preservation of self-worth.

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