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Personal Care vs. Companion Care for Seniors in Hot Springs, AR

Visiting Angels provide quality care for seniors in Hot Springs, AR, and the nearby areas

Seniors in Hot Springs who want to age in place need the help of Visiting Angels home care specialists.

When deciding whether non-medical home care is the best option for a loved one, you've probably heard the terms "care" and "personal care." These two at-home services may look identical, and many people mistake them for one another, but they are not.

Understanding the advantages of each can assist you in selecting the most appropriate home care assistance for a family member or friend.

Companionship is provided to seniors with special needs.

Companion care is non-medical home care that helps the elderly and disabled with daily duties. This type of assistance typically includes emotional and social support, as well as assistance with the following tasks and activities:


One of the most critical aspects of companion care is providing your senior loved one with a pleasant and familiar face to rely on when you're not available. Through meaningful interaction and engagement in hobbies, exercise, friendly conversations, mealtimes, and other activities, our home care staff may help patients overcome social isolation and achieve pleasure. Clients' companion caregivers can also organize fun activities or social outings for them.

Light housekeeping and errands

Many older adults may struggle to keep up with cleaning and errands, even if they have no serious physical problems. Companion caregivers can help with light household tasks or jobs like:

  • Taking a trip to the laundromat or dry cleaners
  • Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and mopping are all things that should be done regularly.
  • Our Angels clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Assisting with grocery shopping or food preparation
  • Transportation
  • Getting older people to and from appointments can be difficult, and navigating public transit on their own can be challenging. Companion caregivers can arrange for safe transportation to deliver them to their destinations on schedule and safely.
  • Maintaining contact with family members as well as the medical team.

Although companion caregivers cannot provide medical care, they can monitor your loved one's health. If one falls or has a medical emergency, a home care worker can contact you for immediate medical assistance.

Companion care does not include medication administration or direct physical assistance with daily tasks like dressing, bathing, or toileting.

Assistance for Seniors with Special Needs on a Personal Level

Personal care includes all of the duties of a home health aide, but it can also help seniors with "Activities of Daily Living," such as:


Many older adults need help going to the restroom but are embarrassed to ask for it. Personal caregivers can provide patients with discreet care.


For senior individuals, especially those with physical impairments, bathing can be unpleasant and dangerous. Home health aides can help them bathe securely and pleasantly.

Personal grooming and hygiene

Personal caregivers care for grooming and hygiene needs such as shaving, haircare, skincare, cosmetics, and oral and dental care.


Personal caregivers assist older people with dressing daily while allowing their loved ones to maintain control over their unique style.

Assistance with transfers and mobility

A home care professional is an excellent resource for senior people who have difficulty walking or moving around independently. They can help your elderly loved one navigate rooms comfortably, avoid falls, and transfer from the couch or bed.

Which Senior Home Care Option Is Right for You?

While both services help older people age securely and comfortably, they are not the same.

Companion care is appropriate for seniors who primarily require social help but benefit from light housekeeping or errand assistance. Personal care is for elders who need immediate physical assistance, have significant mobility challenges, or suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or dementia.

Make sure to discuss the type of care your loved ones may require with them. It may be easier to transfer if this is considered when recruiting home health aides.

Consider contacting Visiting Angels of Hot Springs, AR, for a free home care consultation to help you decide which form of home care is ideal for your senior loved one.

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Serving Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Benton, and the Surrounding Area

320 Ouachita Ave #312
Hot Springs, AR 71901
Phone: 501-222-3493