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Responsibilities of Visiting Angels Caregivers

Last updated on July 21, 2023

Professional in-home caregivers possess altruistic qualities and skills that seniors and families have come to admire. Their perpetual compassion and dedication keep seniors secure and comfortable, while their patience and adaptability in managing challenging situations provide families with much-needed peace of mind.

Because each senior’s needs and requests are different and can shift on the fly, the duties and responsibilities of a caregiver can change at any time, too.

That’s why it’s essential to have a reputable professional caregiver agency, like Visiting Angels, by your loved one’s side that can handle any situation by providing unwavering and resilient physical and emotional support.

Visiting Angels Caregiver Responsibilities

Professional caregivers from Visiting Angels are equipped and qualified to handle a wide range of responsibilities through companionship, socialization, and specialized support to ensure the well-being of seniors.

Here are eight essential roles and responsibilities Visiting Angels caregivers take in keeping seniors safe and content in the comforts of home:

  1. Preserve independence
    They provide the support older adults need to age in place, allowing them to remain independent and stay in their homes as long as possible. Whenever your older adult needs a helping hand — whether in the morning, during the day, at bedtime, or overnight — a Visiting Angels caregiver can assist them in their normal routines.
  1. Provide options
    An in-home personal caregiver will get to know your loved one and learn about their needs, preferences, and habits, and offer options and choices such as what they want to eat, what outfit they prefer to wear, how they want to spend their day, and more.
  1. Promote engagement and socialization
    Visiting Angels will provide your loved one with companionship that can reduce feelings of senior isolation and loneliness. Regular socialization and engagement with a professional caregiver—whether doing a puzzle, engaging in conversation, or planning a meal—can help improve your loved one’s physical, mental, and cognitive health.
  1. Facilitate communication
    Visiting Angels will serve as your eyes and ears even when you can’t be there because of work, family, or personal obligations. Your caregiver will report any concerns or changes in your loved one’s physical, mental, or cognitive condition to their supervisor, who will share the information with you.
  1. Respect rights
    Visiting Angels respects the rights of seniors — including their desire for privacy, safety, dignity, respect, and independence. Visiting Angels honors the rights of their clients in every interaction, ensuring you and your loved one feel comfortable and secure.
  1. Act reliably and responsibly
    Your caregiver will demonstrate reliability and responsibility by showing up on time, communicating effectively, and using skills such as observation, attention to detail, and organization.
  1. Behave with integrity
    Your caregiver will act with integrity and honesty, adhere to all ethical standards for professional caregivers, and follow Visiting Angels’ standards and values. 
  1. Build trust
    Visiting Angels fosters strong relationships with clients and families based on respect, communication, empathy, and compassion. Caregivers will proactively invest in the client-caregiver relationship to build trust.

A Responsible Senior Home Care Agency

The responsibilities of Visiting Angels caregivers are not meaningless tasks to check off a list but a heartfelt commitment to enhance the lives of seniors. Each caregiver's pledge to provide personalized companionship and assistance is what truly sets Visiting Angels apart.

If you are considering professional in-home care for a loved one, contact your local home care office to speak with a helpful care coordinator.

If you're interested in our compassionate home care services for you or a loved one, contact your nearest Visiting Angels home care agency today or call 800-365-4189.
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