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Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Palliative Care Services in Auburn, NH

Through our broader, holistic view on palliative care services, Visiting Angels of Auburn sets itself apart from other elder care services providers. We believe that kind of care can be used for individuals of any life expectancy and can cater to a variety of physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. We’ve based our program on this broad understanding of the service, and are dedicated to providing this care with a holistic mindset.


How We Approach Palliative Care Services

Some people believe that palliative care and end of life care are two sides of the same coin. But, at Visiting Angels of Auburn, we treat them as two distinct kinds of care. Palliative care is focused on maintaining the client’s comfort at all times, no matter their life expectancy. End of life care is only for clients who have been diagnosed with a limited life expectancy. These two types of care can intersect, which is often why people mistake one for another.

 At Visiting Angels of Auburn, our Certified Palliative Care program focuses on maintaining a broad view of care that caters to the client’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being.


Social, Spiritual and Emotional Aspects of Care

Some elder care providers only cater to the client’s physical needs and completely disregard their emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. When a care provider has that mindset, they aren’t elevating the client’s overall quality of life.

Our program caters to the entire person. We still address physical needs with the utmost concern. But, we then take that same concern and apply it to their social, spiritual, and emotional needs as well.


Keeping a Holistic Mindset

Understanding our holistic mindset on care is best seen through action. Below, here are four examples of how one of our caregivers would improve their client’s quality of life.

  • If a care recipient is dealing with chronic pain or limited mobility, one of our caregivers can keep them as comfortable as possible by providing mobility assistance or performing certain household tasks.
  • If a client is exhibiting signs of depression or anxiety, our caregivers would approach them with a warm and friendly demeanor to discuss it instead of ignoring them.
  • Our caregivers provide companionship and conversation for their clients, especially in cases where sickness or disability can interfere with their social lives.
  • Our caregivers hold respect at the forefront of their care and help their clients work through any spiritual challenges that they may have with their age, illness, or disability.


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