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Visiting Angels Client Reviews

Serving Manchester, Derry, Concord, Auburn NH and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels AUBURN, NH
14 Hookset Rd,
Auburn, NH 03032
Phone: 603-483-8999

Visiting Angels Client Reviews

Awesome folks that truly care about helping you with your life. I would recommend them to anyone in need of personal help because of a disability, like me in a wheelchair and my left arm paralyzed. Thanks for all your kindness!

- Jimmy D.

Visiting Angels is a welcome relief to the families that need help to provide support for the ones in the house who have the burden of caring for the members of their family who are in need. If you are providing home care for a loved one and need a break to take care of yourself reach out to The Visiting Angels

-John M. 

I highly recommend Visiting Angels for your family needs. Visiting Angels is a wonderful service. I cannot say enough about my husbands caregiver, he loves her. The moment she walks through the door he is all smiles and gives her a big hug. She is kind, caring and has the patience of a saint. She offers suggestions to both of us to make our life easier. I don't know what I would do without this service, I have my sanity back.

-Natalie H.

My Mom's caregiver Cathy is wonderful. My Mom cannot wait for he days with her angel. With my Mom's Alzheimer she has to put up with various times when my Mom is angry but she knows just what to do to get her mind turned around and lift her spirits. I know that she is a God send and that Visiting Angels paired mny Mom up with a phenomenal person. Like my Mom says she is like the sister she never had.

- Dawn S. 

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Visiting Angels of Auburn. We got an immediate response when we called, and all of the caregivers were awesome, treated Dad will compassion and respect.  Highly recommend!

--- Deann M.

Visiting Angels of Auburn's monthly newsletters provide great tips and resources for all. Processing language to improve communication and the clear face masks articles in Sept issue are just 2 examples of helpful support! Thanks for sharing useful information.

 --- Judi T.

The caregivers have all been exceptional. Well versed in their roles and flexible in dealing with the client. The company has been very supportive in getting care into our home as well as adapting to our changing needs. Could not be happier that I chose Visiting Angels of Auburn.

 --- David M.

I first met Debra back in 2010, when the Visiting Angels of Auburn was contracted to provide homecare for my father, when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  With early onset memory loss, it is important that the family member maintains their independence, safely, as long as possible.  My dad wanted to stay at home.  His wishes were achieved because of Debra’s great work, as well as her employees.  He remained at home and passed away, in hospice at home, the fall of 2013.  His “angels” were with him until the very end, providing him the care he required, at a high level of quality.    
Debra always went above and beyond.  She visited my dad personally throughout the years and maintained a relationship with him even as he lost memory and declined.  She understood his needs, showed compassion and provided guidance to family members.  On countless occasions, she steadied my heart and mind with her sound suggestions and knowledge.  Debra continually advocated for my dad throughout the years.  When necessary, she would call his mental health and / or medical providers.
Despite having to monitor all her clients and run a company, she also works diligently in the local community to increase dementia / Alzheimer’s awareness.  I will be forever thankful to Debra and recommend her and her Visiting Angels of Auburn.   
--- Lisa C.

I was caught off guard when I received a call from the hospital telling me that my 90 year old father was being discharged from the hospital. I needed someone to stay overnight for his safety. I called Visiting Angels of Auburn and told them of my situation and without hesitation, I had someone there for that evening. This gave me the chance to go home at night and get some much needed rest. We had the service for six nights until my dad was admitted to the nursing home. Each girl was well trained, polite and was well matched to my dad's personality. I don't know how I could of gone through that week without them. My dad can be difficult at times, but he thoroughly enjoyed their company! I can't thank the staff enough for being there for me at my time of need.

--- Connie S.

My mother is a difficult woman and your staff did an excellent job trying to make her happy. She was suffering from early stages of Alzheimer's at the time that we used your services and she also has a proclivity for lying and accusing others of numerous things which weren't true. This attribute has only increased as her disease has progressed, but we did realize that she was doing this when your staff was employed with her. My sister and I are both grateful for the attention and good service that she received from your organization. 

--- Susan R.

Dear Debra and all at Visiting Angels,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much our family appreciates everything that the ANGELS in your company do to help us with my Papa Joe. He will be 101 in March and I feel that you all have been a big part in making this happen. Your family has made our family very happy and able to keep my grandfather at home with us. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

 --- Debbie T.

I've been working for Visiting Angels for over four years. I can't imagine my life without all the wonderful people that I've met....not only other caregivers and clients, but the families and friends of clients plus the people at the various facilities that I've gone to. Becoming a caregiver with Visiting Angels was one of the best decisions I ever made.

 --- Shelia P.

I can honestly say that working for Visiting Angels has been the best career change for me. I feel this agency is very caring of our clients and it's caregivers. It is very rewarding for me to see how happy our clients are with our services.The in-services and training we get are a great source of information . I find them most helpful! I appreciate the thoughtful cards you send us thru the year. Thank you Debra,

 --- Patricia B.

I am a very satisfied client of the Visiting Angels. A wonderful angel, Peg Welch, spends a few hours every week with my mother who suffers from Alztheimers Disease. It’s really hard to see my mom this way and was a difficult decision to place her in a long term care facility. Just knowing that Peg is there with her on days that my work schedule prevents me from being there, eases my worries considerably. I am very happy with Visiting Angels and would absolutely encourage anyone who’s thinking of this service to move forward and do it.

 --- Pamela G

Dear Ms. Desrosiers:

As a long-time client of your agency, I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with the service I've received over the years. I find the caregivers to be capable, compassionate, and, most importantly, extremely conscientious. After disappointing experiences with other agencies, I'm happy to report something that you already know: the Visiting Angels have never let me down. Even in cases of extremely short notice, such as a last-minute illness or family trauma on the part of a scheduled caregiver, you have always been able to provide backup services, never leaving me stranded.

You can't imagine the peace of mind this gives me, not having to worry about whether I will receive the services that I require. It allows me as a person with a disability to live independently, an ability that I treasure.

I'll end by thanking you for the excellence of your organization, its staff, and especially the quality of your caregivers, without whose help my life would be much more difficult.

As my mom often says, "Thank heavens for the Angels!"


 --- Ray G. (Client since December 2005)

Providing senior homecare in Candia, Manchester,  Bedford, Derry, Londonderry, Hooksett, Auburn, Raymond, Salem, Concord, Bow, Goffstown, Dunbarton, Weare & Suncook, New Hampshire.

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Serving Manchester, Derry, Concord, Auburn NH and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels AUBURN, NH
14 Hookset Rd,
Auburn, NH 03032
Phone: 603-483-8999

Serving Manchester, Derry, Concord, Auburn NH and the Surrounding Area

Visiting Angels AUBURN, NH
14 Hookset Rd,
Auburn, NH 03032
Phone: 603-483-8999