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Home Health Care Experts Share Everything Seniors Need To Know About Dehydration

Everyone knows that drinking enough water is essential for survival, but when it comes to drinking enough water to stay hydrated, many people don’t necessarily know exactly how much they’re supposed to be drinking. Dehydration can lead to a variety of problems, and according to the Mayo Clinic, older adults are at a much larger risk of becoming dehydrated than other age groups. But don’t fret! There are many things that seniors can keep in mind when it comes to staying hydrated. Here are some of the best tips for staying hydrated as an older adult, according to home health care experts.

Pay attention to your medicine

Drinking enough water is obviously crucial to staying hydrated, but certain medications can cause dehydration in older adults at a quicker rate than they might be expecting. If you or a loved one is prescribed medication during their later years, be sure to get as much information from the doctor as possible about how the medicine is related to hydration. 

Drink a lot of water, even when you aren’t thirsty

Many people go their entire lives just drinking water when they feel thirsty. But home health care experts warn that older adults might start feeling less and less thirsty as they age. That doesn’t make drinking water any less important! It’s crucial that seniors drink enough water, so be sure to keep a daily log of how much you or your loved one is drinking to make sure they aren’t dehydrated.

Pay special attention to hydration when you are sick

If a senior is sick, even with something minor like a cold or a bladder infection, dehydration symptoms can intensify and even make someone sicker. When you’re sick, go out of your way to ensure that you’re getting enough fluids, and consider setting a water schedule to make sure you’re hydrating at regular intervals.

Your kidneys aren’t as strong as they used to be

Kidneys are crucial when it comes to your body getting rid of fluids and toxins that it doesn’t need. As you get older, your kidneys start working a little less effectively than they once did, and this means they aren’t as good at concentrating urine. Pay close attention to your kidney health if you or a loved one is a senior citizen and be sure to stay hydrated enough that your kidneys work properly.

Offer up drinks, frequently

If you are tasked with taking care of someone who might be at risk of dehydration, find out what types of drinks they like and offer to get it for them throughout the day. They might not drink a lot at one time, but if you are asking them with frequency, they are less likely to get dehydrated. Home health care experts agree: Being diligent about hydration in seniors will lead to a longer, healthier life. 

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