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Why Seniors in Auburn, NH Prefer Living Assistance to Assisted Living

In a previous article, we discussed the differences between assisted living and living assistance, addressing the advantages and disadvantages of both types of care. As both options have their own set of pros and cons, this may lead you to believe seniors would have trouble choosing which one they would prefer. However, when asked, most seniors favored living assistance, which gave them the ability to age in place with skilled in-home support.

Thanks to AARP surveys, we are able to gain insight into aging and housing preferences, giving us a better understanding of what seniors want: aging in place. But why do so many older adults prefer living assistance? In this blog, we will delve into the seven reasons why our Visiting Angels of Auburn clients pick us over assisted living.

7 Reasons Why Older Adults Choose In Home Care

1. Health Outcomes

According to several studies on seniors and aging, it has been found that individuals who age in place have remarkably better health than seniors at assisted living facilities. Aside from a greater life expectancy, older adults who remain at home with a trained caregiver also experience fewer emotional, mental, and physical health issues.

2. Familiar Surroundings

One of the main contributors to living a healthier life at home is that seniors are familiar with their surroundings. When opting for assisted living, seniors must adapt to a new neighborhood and environment. For older adults who have lived in the same area for several years – perhaps even decades – there is a great loss of familiarity, neighbors, shops, and amenities.

3. Caregiver Relationships

In an assisted living facility, care is given by whoever is scheduled that day. But, with in home care, the care is consistently provided by your chosen caregiver. This allows caregivers the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships, create trust, and personalize their approach to care.

4. Greater Independence

Seniors can remain independent for longer with the one-on-one support from a home care provider. Aside from keeping their independence, elderly individuals will also be able to preserve their privacy while aging in place – something that is difficult to achieve in an assisted living setting.

5. Personal Routines

Not only do seniors need to adjust to a change in surroundings when moving to an assisted living facility, but their daily routines are greatly disturbed, as well. Daily living is impacted by this new environment, which has its own administration, group activities, and mealtimes.

6. Affordable Care

It is known that senior care facilities can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars every year. Home care is significantly less costly, due to flexible care plans that work around your budget, schedule, and needs. However, in cases were individuals require 24/7 care, assisted living can be the more affordable option. If a senior does not need intensive care, then normally an in home caregiver is the cost-effective choice.

7. Home Sweet Home

Lastly, seniors prefer living assistance services because they are able to remain where the are most comfortable: home. Seniors feel strongly about staying in their own home, the place where they feel happiest and most at ease.

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