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Serving Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Mt. Washington, Finksburg, and Baltimore

Visiting Angels PIKESVILLE, MD
316 Main Street #1 B
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Phone: 410-218-9506
Fax: 866-832-3222

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Elder Care in a Multigenerational Household; 9 Ways to Manage Dementia Rummaging Behavior;In-Home Care Can Help Seniors Keep Their Home Clean

Tips to Protect Seniors from the Flu and COVID-19;The Impact Grandchildren Can Have in Senior Care;How to Help Seniors With Hoarding Problems

National Wellness Month;MedicAlert Awareness Month;Common Types of Arthritis in Seniors

11 Products That Make Life Easier at Home for Seniors;Keep Seniors Safe and Cool in Extreme Heat;What Snoring May Mean for Your Senior’s Health;Plan a Smooth Hospital Discharge and Return Home for Seniors

43 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas;Preparing for the Progression of Alzheimer's;Does Your Senior Drink Enough Water?;Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s, Support is the Most Important Resource;Understanding the Signs of a Stroke;15 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day;Common Causes of Bladder Control Problems in Seniors;Is it Time for Your Loved Ones to Leave Their Homes?

Lewy Body Dementia: What to Know;Palliative Care and End of Life Care Differences;7 Common Myths about Aging;Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures

4 Ways Chess and Brain Games Benefit Seniors;How to Respond When Loved Ones with Dementia are Confused;Understanding Mental Illness in Our Elderly;Save the Date

6 Tips to Prevent and Manage Anger and Dementia;Recognizing and Treating the Most Common Undiagnosed Senior Illnesses;8 Signs Your Aging Parents Are Unable to Care For Each Other;February is American Heart Month

7 Safety Risks Caregivers See in Homes of Seniors;Home Care Terminology: A Glossary for Caregivers;When Your Elder Has Full Capacity and You Don't Agree with Their Choices;Having the End of Life Conversation with Your Senior and Family;Congratulations to Caregivers of the Month!

How to Respond When Loved Ones with Dementia are Confused;Holiday Blues;Maintain a Healthy Routine for Seniors During COVID-19;Happy Holidays!

November is National Family Caregivers Month;Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Loved One;Employee of the Month;4 Steps to Help Seniors Manage Anxiety

Keeping Seniors Safe in Public During COVID-19;Elderspeak: What it Is and Why It Can Be Harmful;Who Needs a Flu Vaccine and When;Visiting Angels and Why We Walk to End Alzheimer's;3 Smoothie Recipes That Are Perfect for Fall

Understanding Mental Illness in Our Elderly;We're Walking to End Alzheimer's;Natural Sleep Remedies for Seniors;7 Essential Elements of Senior Wellness;September Holidays!

This Year's Walk to End Alzheimer's® is Everywhere;3 Reasons Why Elderly Socialization is Critical;Facemask Do's and Don'ts;Easy-to-Grow Plants for Seniors

6 Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19 Reopening;Transportation Resources Keeping Non-Driving Seniors on the Road;Responding To 4 Common Dementia Accusations: Stealing, Poisoning, Being Held Prisoner;Debunking the Myth Around "Self-Insuring" For Long Term Care

Maintain a Healthy Routine for Seniors During COVID-19;Skin Protection for Seniors: What You Need to Know;Reverse Mortgages Can Sustain Retirement Accounts During Economic Uncertainty

9 Tips for Balancing Senior Care with Working from Home; Virus Prevention Tips for In-Home Senior Caregivers; Keep Calm and Avoid Coronavirus Scams

6 Creative Ways to Communicate

Cleaning Tips to Limit COVID-19 Survival

Home Care Heroes: In-Home Caregivers Provide Essential Services During COVID-19 Pandemic;5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Active During COVID-19 Social Distancing;6 Coronavirus Scams and Hoaxes Targeting the Elderly

Taking Care of our Emotional Health

Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Use

It Is Never Too Early To Plan; But It Can Be Too Late;A Generation in Denial: A Call for Faster Action;Getting a Good Night Sleep Is Important for Senior Health

Why Your Senior Loved One Should Get Regular Blood Pressure Checks; Music Therapy and How It Can Help Your; Senior Loved One;The Best-Laid Plans; Save The Date!

Expert Advice When Caring for a Loved One with Dementia; Alzheimer's or Lewy Body;Avoid Saying These Things to an Aging Parent Relying on You for Care;Home Renovations for Aging in Place;The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Elderly Falls

5 Tips to Handle the Holidays as a Caregiver;Don't Fall for False Health Claims;How Caregivers Can Reduce Elderly Anxiety at Night;"In Our Right Mind: Alzheimer's and Other Dementias' Impact in Communities of Color" Documentary to be Screened on December 5;Happy Holidays

Safe Patient Handling;Properly Budgeting Your Time to Become Mom or Dad's Caregiver;Walk to End Alzheimer's Wrap Up; 15th Annual Pythias A. and Virginia I. Jones African American Community Forum on Memory Loss Paranoia in the Elderly

Join us on October 26!;People 65 Years and Older & Influenza;The Emotions of Alzheimer's: What Families Should Expect;Happy and Healthy New Year!

Protect Your Aging Loved Ones from the Threat of Shingle;The Walk to End Alzheimer's® is just 8 weeks away!;Four Important Vaccines that Protect Seniors Against Infection;Does Your Senior Show Signs of Depression?

What is Geriatric Care and How Does it Compare to Home Care?;Advance Care Planning: Healthcare Directives;August is National Eye Exam Month Free Concert - Save The Date!

Senior Dietary Changes That Can Boost Body Health; Preparing for Mid-Stage & Late-Stage Alzheimer's Care; Hot Weather Safety Tips For Older Adults

Understanding the Stages of Memory Loss;National Nursing Assistants Week;Great Fathers Day Gifts for Seniors;Challenging Conversations: Hearing Loss as Seniors Age

Honoring a Super Senior; Living Assistance vs. Assisted Living - What's the Difference?; 9 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Seniors; Balancing Home Care Between Family & Agency Caregivers; Senior Care Tips for Spring Cleaning

Setting Your New Caregiver Up for Success; 9 Ways to Reduce Seniors'; Discomfort with Personal Care Services; Walk With Us!; That's Not Medicare Calling You

Tips on How to Talk to Your Elderly Parent About Needing Help; Preparing for the Progression of Alzheimer's; How Does Cold Weather Affect Parkinson's?

New Years Resolutions for Your Medicine Cabinet; February is Low Vision Awareness Month; 10 Tips to Make Mealtime More Enticing for Someone Living with Dementia

Visiting Angels of Pikesville Receives Best of Home Care® Award

Real Caregivers Share Advice for Real People Preparing to Care for a Parent; The topic nobody wants to discuss: Advance Planning for a Funeral; January is National Bath Safety Month

Advice on Caring For Controlling Loved Ones; World-first pill may stop Parkinson's; The 15 Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors; Walk to End Alzheimer's wrap-up

Adaptive Clothing Takes Stress Out of Dressing; Holidays are a Good Time to Look for Changes in Your Parents; We're busy volunteering in our community; Justice O'Connor announces she has been diagnosed with dementia, "probably Alzheimer's"

Walk to End Alzheimer's with Us on October 27!; 10 Must-Have Caregiver Resources for Family Caregivers; 7 Caregiving Hacks Family Caregivers Should Know; How End of Life Care Can Help Seniors & Families

How Social Media Can Prevent Isolating Your Senior Loved Ones; Every Vaccine You Need After Age 50; How to Convince a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers; Sunday, September 9 is National Grandparents Day; #Walk2ENDALZ; Rosh Hashanah

Jerry and Tawanda; Dementia vs. Alzheimer's: Which is it?; Challenges Facing Those Moving or Downsizing; A Recommended Reading List for Caregivers; AARP Focuses on Alzheimer's and Announces $60 Million Investment; FREE 80s Concert to Benefit the Alzheimer's Association

We like to pass on great information and opportunities when they come to our attention! These FREE educational webinars from the Alzheimer's Association are suitable for professionals and family caregivers.

Signs that a Loved One May Need Caregiving Support; Senior Care Tips & Activities for the 4th of July; #Walk2EndAlz; Why Your Dad Can't Take Care of Mom Alone

Avoid Poor Communication with Someone Who Has Dementia; Mother's Day Advice & Gift Ideas; 60 Minutes: Following a Couple From Diagnosis to the Final Stages of Alzheimer's; Join the Fight for Alzheimer's First Survivor

Understanding the Different Kinds of Senior Care Available; Wandering and Getting Lost; Join the Fight for Alzheimer's First Survivor; Keep on Keepin' On: One Man's Experience with Parkinson's Disease

Outdoor Activities for Seniors and Caregivers; Home Safety and Alzheimer's; National Nutrition Month® 2018; 5 Top Foods for Eye Health

Visiting Angels of Pikesville Wins Best of Home Care® Award for 7th Consecutive Year; Beat the Chill with Tips from the Arthritis Foundation; Finding Elderly Care That Fits Your Life; Alzheimer's Updates; Celebrate Heart Honth with Heart-Healthy Recipes from the American Heart Association

January is National Bath Safety Month: 7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Falls & Injuries; How to Talk to Your Elderly Parent About Needing Care; Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Helping the Elderly Overcome the Winter Blues; How to Communicate with Your Loved One Who Has Parkinson's; Bill Gates to Invest in Alzheimer's Research

For the Sixth Consecutive Year Visiting Angels of Pikesville Receives Best of Home Care® Award; How to Prepare a Professional Care Plan for Your Loved One; We've Been Busy in Our Community!; Don't Wait for the Holidays: How to be Proactive about Staying on Top of Your Elderly Parent's Care

Visiting Angels of Pikesville Wins Best of Home Care® Award for 6th Consecutive Year

It's Not Too Late! Join Us!; Mom Took Care of You - Now the Tables are Turned; Emergencies and Medications - Are You Prepared?

September is Healthy Aging® Month; Is Your Bathroom "Senior-Friendly?"; Elder Self-Neglect - A Harmful, Hidden Hazard; Start a Family Tradition

Top 10 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors; Coordinating Family and Professional Care; Together We Can End Alzheimer's Disease

Caring for the Elderly: Dealing with Resistance; What is Medication Reconcilliation? How can it keep you safe?; Home Care Tips for Seniors with Fibromyalgia; Experience 12 Minutes in Alzheimer's Dementia

Senior Care Tips & Activities for the 4th of July

The Benefits & Dangers of Sunlight for Seniors; Join Our Team & Walk to End Alzheimer's® ; Safety Check: Stand Up To Falls

Inactive Lifestyle Adds 8 Years to Biological Age; Fraud Speak - Learn the Lingo to Beat Scammers; Celebrate the Sounds of Your Life

Measuring Client and Employee Satisfaction; Independent Living Doesn't Have To Be Risky; Optimal Operating Conditions - Live your Healthiest Life

Determining When Home Care's Needed; There's an Angel For That; Walk to End Alzheimer's

Who makes your financial and medical decisions if your can't?; Two important questions we ask when hiring caregivers; PBS Airs Powerful Documentary Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts

Allan Hirsh, CBS Radio 1300, interviews Visiting Angels of Pikesville's Executive Director, Dave Pyser

Happy Holidays! ; Preventing flu; Holidays and alzheimer's

Happy Thanksgiving!; 10 Warning Signs That Care Is Needed; MedsMASH Explains the Dominoes of Medication - How To Avoid The Tipping Point; Mahjongg 101 - Learn about the game's history and how to play

Avoid Osteoporosis; Insomnia & Menopause & Aging; What are you doing on October 29?

Take the First Step to a World Without Alzheimer's; Keeping Homebound Seniors Active

Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on Sunday, August 21; Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's

Memory Loss Reversed for First Time in Alzheimer's Care Study; Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's

Top 10 Ways to Help Seniors Beat the Heat

Tips for "Growing" Older

Three Things No One Wants to Organize; Questions to Ask When Looking for Home Care

Do you remember The Beatles landing in the U.S.? ; Do you know a hoarder?

Seven Winter Survival Tips

Visiting Angels of Pikesville Wins Best of Home Care® Award for 5th Consecutive Year.

How do I cope with role reversal with my parent?

Battle the holiday blues

Recognizing the warning signs over the holidays that care is needed

What should you know about getting a flu shot? ; What financial and legal documents do you and your elderly loved ones need?

Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook highlights Visiting Angels staff.

Visiting Angels of Pikesville celebrating two major accomplishments

Serving Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Mt. Washington, Finksburg, and Baltimore

Visiting Angels PIKESVILLE, MD
316 Main Street #1 B
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Phone: 410-218-9506
Fax: 866-832-3222

Serving Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Mt. Washington, Finksburg, and Baltimore

Visiting Angels PIKESVILLE, MD
316 Main Street #1 B
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Phone: 410-218-9506
Fax: 866-832-3222