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According to the National Council on Aging, a fall sends a senior to the ER every 11 seconds. That equates to millions of seniors suffering from serious fall-related injuries. But, at Visiting Angels of Pikesville, we’re here to remind you that falls can be prevented. The first step in preventing a fall is understanding the risk factors behind it.

Risk Factors for Falling

From their physical condition to their mental state, many factors can directly relate to higher fall risk. A senior’s fall risk could even rise depending on the quality of the elder care they receive at home. There could be hearing loss, reflexes, or medications that could elevate their fall risk. If you evaluate your loved one’s fall risk, you can understand what needs to be changed within the home to greatly reduce the risk of falls happening in the future.

Falling: How it Affects Physical Health

The physical effects of falling range from minor aches and pains to a broken hip and a concussion. Many seniors could end up in a long-term recovery center for up to a year after their fall. Some seniors may never go home again. Falling could cause your loved one to lose their independence forever. To prevent the possibility of experiencing that tragedy, some seniors may shy away from social events.

Falling: How it Affects Mental Health 

The fear of falling can encourage a senior to slowly slip away from the people that they love the most. Events such as social gatherings and family reunions could be missed forever. If this behavior becomes a habit, the senior could inhabit periods of loneliness and sadness. These feelings could transform into anxiety and depression as time goes by.

The importance of fall and injury prevention cannot be overstated. At Visiting Angels of Pikesville, we are dedicated to teaching seniors, their families, and their caregivers about fall prevention and general elder care. Our elder care program betters the lives of seniors throughout the Pikesville area.

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