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10 Lifestyle Factors and How Personal Care Services Improve Brain Health in Schererville, IN

Visiting Angels personal care services provide the quality care your senior needs in Schererville, IN, and the surrounding areas. 

It is common for seniors to live longer than they did in previous decades-- this is in part thanks to medicine and technology, people working to keep themselves healthy/active, personal care services, and individuals being active members in their community. Sadly, when one begins to age, one also experiences certain pitfalls and hurdles. A significant challenge that seniors experience is cognitive decline or impairment.

The CDC says that the most significant risk factor for 16 million Americans with cognitive impairment is age. More than 5 million Americans over the age of 65 are affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, and these numbers are most likely to rise even higher in the forthcoming decades. Luckily, some steps have been identified that help minimize the risk of developing cognitive impairment and remain healthy and vibrant for longer. 

Our team of personal care services providers has curated a list of 10 lifestyle steps that will help improve brain health.

#1 Get Good Sleep

Many studies show how poor sleep is related to cognitive challenges-- good sleep is crucial. Not only is it essential to get a total of 8 hours, but the quality of the rest is also essential. If you find yourself struggling with your sleep, you or your personal care services provider should reach out to your primary care provider and set up a sleep study.

#2 Walk It Out

Being active is a sure-fire way to boost your cognitive powers while stopping/slowing down any possible cognitive impairment. When you exercise, you are increasing your self-esteem and sense of well-being-- this can then boost brain performance. Walking is the best exercise to do all this and more; it sends additional blood to the brain, which fuels brain health.

Before beginning any new exercise program, you should make sure to bring up any concerns with your physician. It is also important to remember that you should start slowly and work up to the more intense exercises and moves. 

#3 Eat Foods with Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Many of us do not eat healthily; most foods that we consume are processed and made with refined sugar. While we are aware that these are not the best foods for our waistlines, we should also know that they are harmful to our brains. We should all be aware of the better options we can consume-- like foods that contain monounsaturated fatty acids. Fatty acids have been shown to help accelerate brain functioning. They are found in multiple delicious food choices, such as olive oil, almonds, and avocados.

When you or your personal care services provider make the next grocery shopping trip, you may consider some of these healthy substitutions. 

#4 Yoga 

Yoga is another option that can help stem better long-term brain health. Many individuals have stress from their day-to-day lives, which can play into cognitive decline. You set aside 20-30 minutes for a yoga session whenever you feel worked up. If yoga is not your thing, you may even try meditation. Many individuals who meditate regularly have reported that it has made a significant impact on their concentration. Personal care services providers can help guide yoga and meditation sessions. 

#5 Journal 

Many people view journaling as an outdated activity, but it’s not. Journaling can be cathartic and valuable for those that have any concerns; they can write them down and even brainstorm solutions. Journaling can reduce your stress level, and, in turn, this can boost brain functioning.

#6 Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is useful when trying to ward off a winter cold, but it’s useful for more than that. Vitamin C-rich foods (like oranges, grapefruits, and peppers) fight off oxidative stress in the body. This type of stress can lead to a decline in cognitive functioning. You can get vitamin c from fruits and veggies, as well as from supplements; personal care services providers can help ensurethat your loved one is getting enough vitamin c rich foods.

#7 Hydration 

We have all grown up being told that eight cups of water per day is essential for our overall health. When we are not getting at least 8 cups of water a day, we will become chronically dehydrated. When we uptake our water consumption, we are also flushing various toxins out of our bodies. Water can boost your physical health and brain health. 

#8 Replace Coffee with Tea

Many Americans are equally addicted to the morning cup of coffee; some people can’t even imagine starting their day without their first cup of coffee. Doctors have shared that coffee may not be the healthiest way to start your day; instead, they recommend starting the day with a cup of tea. Tea has been shown to lead to a much better cognitive function. Additionally, there are many varieties of teas! You could try starting your day with tea alongside your personal care services provider. 

#9 Turn off the TV 

People often choose to go straight to watching their favorite tv show. However, tv shows don’t challenge the brain or make you think-- you should consider switching out the tv for another activity, like a book. If you are not a reading fan, you could try a crossword puzzle. When you are making your brain work, you are strengthening it. You could even try board games with a personal care services provider. 

#10 Talk to Other People 

Being alone can be challenging and can lead to loneliness. When we age, and our families move away from us, it becomes difficult to spend time with them. Sadly, being alone can exacerbate the cognitive decline. Local clubs in the community are a great way to boost social interactions. Personal care services from Visiting Angels can offer ways to find these clubs.  

Contact Visiting Angels of Schererville, IN 

In the end, we can understand that aging is a challenge, with one of the most significant challenges being cognitive decline. Thankfully, cognitive decline is not inevitable-- lifestyle choices can be made that will increase or decrease your likelihood of experiencing these troublesome symptoms. The troublesome symptoms are why you should consider your diet carefully and provide yourself with mindfulness activities. Using these simple steps can assist in improving and boosting your brain health. Additionally, you can seek out personal care services to get a helping hand in implementing these lifestyle suggestions-- give Visiting Angels a call today. 


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2340 Cline Ave
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Phone: 219-500-5896
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