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Home Care New Hampshire Specialists Reveal Just How Important Social Media Can Be For Seniors

It’s no secret that as computer technology has rapidly expanded over the past 20 years, social networking has exploded as well. Gone are the days when you need to call your friend, or heaven forbid, write them a letter! With the click of a mouse and a few taps on your keyboard, you can check in with an old friend or make plans. But experts have recently zeroed in on an unlikely beneficiary of social media: seniors.  According to a recent study published by the National Institutes of Health, higher social media use among seniors was associated with “fewer chronic illnesses and higher subjective well-being.” Home care new Hampshire experts seem to agree: there are many benefits for seniors using social media. If you or a loved one is getting older and looking to join a social network, here are some of the benefits you should expect.

Staying in touch with family

Thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, staying in touch with your grandchildren is easier than ever. Sure, they might not be picking up your calls with any sort of consistency, but if you send them a message on Facebook, they’ll probably reply more quickly! Home care new Hampshire experts say that the increased use of social media among seniors has actually increased their overall communication with younger family members, leading to stronger family ties and happier seniors.

A photo album that never ends

Seniors grew up in a time when a heavy emphasis was placed on photographs, and many still have hundreds of photos stashed away in albums around the house. With social media, there’s no limit to how many photos you can store forever. And if you live far away from your loved ones, you’re only one click away from seeing photos of what they did today.

Meeting new people

Just like young people, seniors crave personal connection. But as home care new Hampshire specialists say, the older someone gets, the less likely they are to meet new people and make connections. With social media, seniors are given the same tools as everyone else to seek out new friends that share similar interests. This is particularly useful for seniors who don’t deal with loneliness very well, especially after the death of a spouse or lifelong friend.


If there’s one thing that most seniors have in common with each other, it’s that they like to save a buck or two. Saving money in 2018 is much easier than it was in the 50’s, home care new Hampshire experts like to joke. Instead of clipping coupons, seniors can search on social media for their favorite brands and stores to see if any discounts are available.

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