We’re Proactive About Elder Care Assistance in Greater Lancaster, PA

Proactive Elder Care Assistance in Lancaster, Gap, Gap, Bainbridge, Elizabethtown, and Nearby Areas

If you are in the process of making decisions about elder care services for your loved one, we invite you to consider at home assisted living services from Visiting Angels of Lancaster. At home assisted living services are often the ideal solution for families in need of elder care. Many families in the Lancaster area are coping with elderly family members who are no longer able to care for themselves. The discussion immediately turns to senior centers and long term care facilities. All too often at home assisted living services are overlooked when they can be the preferred choice for many Lancaster area families.

Visiting Angels of Lancaster

At Visiting Angels of Lancaster, we provide some of the finest essential personal home care services in the area. Our team of dedicated professionals works with families to help them provide quality elder care assistance at home. Our at home assisted living services make it possible for elderly individuals to continue living at home, where they are most comfortable, while providing their families with the peace of mind they need. At home assisted living services from Visiting Angels of Lancaster provide quality, compassionate and experienced care in the comfort of your home.

Open Communication

One of the reasons so many families rely on our elder care assistance is because our one-on-one home care services are designed to be proactive. When you bring a caregiver into the home, you want to know they are going to be responsive to any issues that arise. Our at home assisted living services are built on a foundation of proactive communication. Our caregivers are experienced professionals who are always on the lookout for any changes in your loved one’s health.  If they see anything of concern they will reach out to your family or our office to bring light to these issues.

Consistent Monitoring

In addition to our caregivers, we have an advanced system of follow up and monitoring that ensures your loved one is well taken care of. Our service coordinators regularly check in with your loved one via at home visits and phone calls. Checking in regularly ensures your loved one has the opportunity to address any concerns or to raise any issues to someone other than their caregiver.

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For elder care assistance that will put the needs of your loved one first, call Visiting Angels of Lancaster today at 717-393-3450 to learn more about our essential personal home care services.

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