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Visiting Angels caregiver is your therapy coachHow many times has your Mom or Dad, souse or other Senior loved one, made an excuse not to do their therapy or exercise? How many times have you become frustrated because they won’t listen to reason, or are in denial that there is anything wrong?

Physical therapy is generally prescribed to help folks regain strength, balance, and mobility after a fall, injury, surgery, or illness. Often physical therapy helps manage a chronic condition, and contributes to the prevention of falls thus reducing the risk of hospital readmission.

A caregiver or companion can provide that “push” that will help Seniors stick to the doctor’s orders and continue their physical therapy on a regular basis. They can be a “coach” if your loved one is learning to use a cane or walker. Whether the therapy is done at home or a facility, your “Angel” will make sure to provide appointment reminders and transportation, so there are “no excuses” why appointments are forgotten or missed. At home, the caregiver or companion can make sure time is set aside for the exercises, the protocols are adhered to.  Does ice or heat need to be applied on a particular area or is it necessary to elevate a limb while resting? A well trained homecare professional can let you know if there are any red flags or issues that need attention from you or the doctor. These might include pain, medication mismanagement, dehydration, home safety, etc.

Your loved one needs to build strength and balance, and you need to be sure their home environment is safe so that a fall in the home does not derail their progress. Each Visiting Angels’ care plan includes a comprehensive fall prevention assessment, which analyzes the risk of falling at home. Our caregivers and companions are trained to identify risk factors for falls and can remove tripping hazards and provide physical support as your loved one gains confidence navigating their surroundings.

Although physical therapy can provide many benefits, it may feel challenging at times. Lack of consistency can be harmful. When the going gets tough, a Visiting Angels caregiver or companion can provide encouragement and motivation which may be just what is needed to help your Senior recover.

Contact Us: We understand the challenges of taking care of your elderly loved ones during these stressful pandemic times. Your kids are home from school, there is no day care, you may be working from home but your Boss is more demanding than ever, or you have been furloughed and are job hunting all day long. Let our caregivers and companions assist you in helping your Senior stick to their wellness programs. Our services include help with hygiene, housekeeping, meals and meds and more. Peace of mind is just a phone call away at 561-328-7611. 

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Irv Seldin, JD, MA
President and Owner, Visiting Angels of the Palm Beaches

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