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Reviews for Visiting Angels Eldersburg

Serving Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and Surrounding Areas in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland

Visiting Angels ELDERSBURG, MD
6505 Ridenour Way E #1B
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-549-8002

Reviews for Visiting Angels Eldersburg

"We had an unexpected need for daily morning help. I contacted VA and was very pleased and relieved to have our needs met immediately. We have had the service for three months and have not had a problem. The aides are highly qualified, very nice, and do more than I expected them to do. The office staff was quick to respond to any request or question. This is a valuable service--at a reasonable price--that we could not function without."


"This is the first time we've used Visiting Angels to assist us while we were traveling and Mom stayed home. The workers were friendly and congenial with Mom. The staff dealing with me were empathetic and understanding. Stephanie and I had a lot of discussion back and forth to determine Mom's needs, which was gratifying (since I had less knowledge about this). When I had connectivity (while on travel), I could check on the various visits that Mom had, which was great."


"What a relief to have Visiting Angels check in on my mom when I had to go out of town. She is very independent, so all I needed was just someone to stop by daily as I do and make sure all was well, meds were taken, and see if Mom needed anything. They provided companionship for an hour and even took Mom grocery shopping. I called her often and she was happy to have company that was pleasant and knew when to leave."
Former Client


"Visiting Angels provided great service to us after my wife's accident. They were available quickly after her return from the hospital, when I needed the assistance the most. The aides provided were experienced and did all that was expected of them in our time of need."
Ralph S.


"Stephanie was and I am sure still is exceptional. She was always responsive and most importantly kind and caring. She went above and beyond her job to offer care and advice on the situation. The last caregiver we had Brittany was also very good. She took initiative and you could tell she really cared. Thank you all for all you did."
Joan H.


"Margaret was our favorite caregiver. She is a dedicated, caring and very helpful, and whom we all came to love and respect. Her love & friendship for my mother is greatly appreciated and we will always remember and appreciate how she helped all of us throughout my mom’s journey and final days. We couldn’t have asked for better care."


"Our family wanted to thank you and your team for all of your care and support of our mother, Diane, over the last several years. Knowing we had loving caregivers come in to help out made our lives easier, and we are so grateful for that. All of the caregivers who came through over the last few years have been great, but we wanted to give a special shout out to S, S, and O. All three had Mom’s best interest at heart and took great care of her. I do want to note that O has gone above and beyond since 2020 and has always made our Mom feel loved and special. O has a heart of gold, and I would love for her to be recognized by your organization. Thank you again for all of your help."


"My caregiver has been so wonderful, too wonderful. I can’t keep up with her and she works so hard."


"Jen was a wonderful young woman. She is kind and caring, took initiative to empty the dishwasher and other chores that I needed done. When she took me shopping she was very helpful and I never waited a minute for her to pick me up from Physical Therapy. I would definitely use Visiting Angels in the future and would request Jen."


"A Visiting Angel has been assisting my wife and I for nearly four years and we could not be more pleased with her. Not only is she competent, punctual and conscientious in her work, she has become a friend, sharing family photos, wedding pictures and Facebook posts. We are equally appreciative of the Visiting Angels support staff. In a world where it often seems like customer service is nonexistent, the Angels care coordinators are consistently responsive, cheerful and helpful."
Richard F.


"We got in contact with Visiting Angels about 3 years ago for my father, who was still living independently in his house. However, he was getting so he needed some help.
The Visiting Angel we ended up with, Janice, has quite simply become a cherished addition to our family. She is just the nicest person, and very knowledgeable about providing care.
Eventually, Dad got so he needed round-the-clock assistance so we moved him to assisted living. However, we kept Janice on for him twice a week primarily as companion care. She takes him out for ice cream or a meal at his favorite restaurant, and he really looks forward to Janice's visits.
Dad's quality of life would not be nearly as good were it not for the great, cheerful and compassionate care he receives from his Visiting Angel Janice!"
Chris F.


"I was very pleased with the care my mother received from Visiting Angels."
Tina H.


"Your caregiver was great! My mother looked forward to her visit each day and felt comfortable with the personal care. We don't know what we would have done without her! We will always be grateful."
Christina, R.N.  Sykesville, MD

"I want to personally thank all of the Visiting Angels staff who have made a tremendous difference in our lives."
Wanda,  Westminster, MD

"I love you guys!
My recent hospital stay was made so much better knowing my husband was well cared for."
Virginia,  Ellicott City, MD

"Thank you all for providing a wonderful service.
We were extremely pleased."
Debbie,  Columbia, MD

"I will be forever grateful to Visiting Angels for allowing me to just be my Father's son and not worry about his care and well being.
We consider all of the "angels" who helped us to be members of our extended family. We love them all."
Matt,  Howard County, MD

"We so loved the services of Visiting Angels and the care provided to our mom by your staff. There are two individuals that went above and beyond the last several years. Staffing always ensured that our requirements and schedule were met, assigning some of the best Angles to care for Mom. We were so fortunate to have Fatou care for Mom over the weekends - especially during COVID. Mom received superb care from Fatou that would be considered above and beyond - making sure Mom was engaged and safe."

"My mother-in-law had the support of two Angels, R (protecting her name) and C (protecting her name) . Both deserved the label of 'Angel' because they tended to Mom as well as to my husband (son) and me. At the point of final shut-down in Mom's journey, R was extremely sensitive. She helped me when I had a melt down dealing with in-law siblings and supported me with an empathic conversation. When I was facing a 'next day' without a caregiver, R stepped up, accepted the assignment, and shared with me that my breakdown to her was meant to be so that she could support me. That story exemplifies the nature of the Angels that I have experienced with my mother-in-law and my own mother 3 years prior. The Eldersburg Angels act on the value of supporting others. I want to find the highest of mountain tops and the loudest of megaphones to be in a position to shout, USE THE ELDERSBURG VISITING ANGELS OFFICE. They find Angels that deserve wings and have people on the phones to deal with crying clients (me) in a panic mode. Handling elder care as a family member is hard enough, having the support of this location's Visiting Angels can mean experiencing the warm arms of care and support through their institution. While it is an 'institution', it is definitely NOT institutional. It is an office that personifies what they believe: HELPING OTHERS."

"Wonderful experience with the aids that were sent. My mum improved substantially with their assistance and got back to normal because of them. She is now able to be on her own again. I will always be grateful to them for their patience and care of my mum during the time she needed it."

"We went thru a couple of caregivers that were so-so and then Ron came!!!! He is amazing and my grandfather loves him. My teenage kids love on the days when he comes because he is so amazing and he will even keep busy and help with some basic household stuff if my grandfather goes back to sleep! We love Ron!"

"After many years of trying to convince my parents to get a little extra help around the house, they agreed to try Visiting Angels after my mom's hospital stay. My mom was had lost most of her mobility but not her spunk. We all pitched in but realized it would be good to have the extra help. Working with the team we were able to quickly assess what would be the most type of support mostly for my mom. The planning team quickly identified Angels who fit the bill. The Angels came in and quickly bonded with my mom. They helped with her personal care and also with some household tasks. She really enjoyed the company especially during the pandemic because she was getting bored with us. The Angels were punctual, kind, compassionate, skilled and were truly a godsend for us. Unfortunately, my mom had to return to the hospital so we discontinued the visits. Our only regret is that we didn't call them in sooner."

"Our caregiver was just incredible, she related so well to Mom, she spoke to Mom like a daughter would, they laughed & did puzzles together. She even made sure Mom brushed her teeth thoroughly reminding her not to forget 'the eye teeth'. She deserves 10,000 stars."

"I am eternally grateful for the wonderful care Visiting Angels gave to my stepmother. She really cared about you and trusted you. Thank you for getting not only my stepmom, but our whole family through some very rough times."
Former Client

"Visiting Angels took great care of my 90-year-old mother. The caregivers we had were very sweet and attentive to her every need. I'm not sure what we would have done without Visiting Angels and my family will be forever grateful for them giving us the peace of mind that we had hoped for."
Former Client

"These people really care about their customers! The Visiting Angels provided wonderful companionship over the years to my 96 1/2 year old mother. Visiting Angels was my mom's trusted companion and was with her so that when she passed, she was not alone. Thank you for providing a much needed service."
Former Client

"We were extremely pleased and impressed with the services of Visiting Angels. The aides were knowledgeable about how to provide care for our mother during the last few weeks of her life. They not only knew how to care for her physically, but they were able to establish a trusting relationship with her. Although we were there with our mother, we were not able to do certain things for her and Visiting Angels filled in what we were unable to do. I would highly recommend their services."

"Visiting Angels really was a gift for us. We called desperate for someone to come out the same day. Samantha C. came out within an hour to meet with us and assess our needs, and we had an Angel within a few hours of that. Sam also texted me the next day to make sure things were okay and we were comfortable with the Angel that was sent... I appreciate the support Sam provided and the company so kindly provided by the Angel so that my Grandma was not alone when she died. It takes a special kind of person to do that and I am grateful."

"Maria is an excellent fit with my mom and makes the exercises enjoyable for her. As well as taking care of her basic needs. Even though she has only been with us a few weeks the therapist see a remarkable improvement. I believe this is due to her positive influence both emotionally and physically. We have had a great outcome with Visiting Angels."

"We have been and continue to be very pleased with your services. We initially needed your services to be available for my ailing father-in-law. From night one - we were notified that my mother-in-law needed services as well. You quickly recognized this need and fitted us with couples care with Irene 2 nights and Lanke 1 night. Dad has passed away but Mom continues to enjoy the services of Irene and Lanke. We will always highly recommend Visiting Angels!"

"Mariama seems to be aware not only of Mom's physical needs, but also her emotional/mental status. Mariama keeps Mom clean & dry and pays attention to her skin status to prevent breakdown. As I do the cleaning in the house, I greatly appreciate Mariama sweeping inside and outside on the steps to assist in keeping the house clean. Mariama works well with the other caretakers in a joint effort to provide continuity of care."

"The two caregivers we had for my grandmother were both amazing. Very happy with the services we received from Visiting Angels!"

Serving Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and Surrounding Areas in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland

Visiting Angels ELDERSBURG, MD
6505 Ridenour Way E #1B
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-549-8002

Serving Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and Surrounding Areas in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland

Visiting Angels ELDERSBURG, MD
6505 Ridenour Way E #1B
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-549-8002