Preventing Falls Through Private Home Care Services for Seniors in Eldersburg, MD and Surrounding Areas

Learn how private home care services from Visiting Angels can help families and seniors in Eldersburg, Columbia, Baltimore, Randallstown, Westminster, Ellicott City and surrounding Maryland communities avoid fall-related risks and injuries and help seniors stay safe

As we get older, our risk of succumbing to falls and injuries increases. There are many repercussions to falling and our beloved elderly who sustained injuries often end up losing their independence because of their ability to move becomes limited. This causes intense emotional stress on the elderly thereby affecting the quality of their lives. As a result, many older adults opt to stay in the house and decline any form of social activities with friends and family because of the fear of falling.

Private home care services from Visiting Angels Eldersburg include a fall prevention program so your loved one can live the life they want without worrying about fall-related injuries.

Many Older Adults in Carroll, Howard and Western Baltimore Counties Suffer from Fall-Related Injuries

Falls and other related injuries occur in one out of three adults. Moreover, 20 percent of people who experienced fall sustained injuries such as concussion, broken hip bones, and fracture that required a longer hospital stay and treatment. There were about 800,000 older adults in the country that needed hospitalization due to falls. A large number of these individuals were also required to stay in long-term care facilities after their hospitalization while some never went back home due to the severity of their injuries.

Helping Seniors in Eldersburg and Surrounding Communities Stay Safe at Home with Private Home Care Services

There are many risk factors why older adults are at risk of falling. One of the most important risk factor is their poor physical condition coupled with several medical problems. The elderly suffer from arthritis and poor eyesight thus increasing their likelihood of falling. On the other hand, the environment also plays an important role in increasing the likelihood of falls among older adults. Homes that do not have grab bars installed, particularly in the bedroom and bathroom do not provide the support that older adults need when moving around. Our fall prevention program provides education and private home care services to help seniors avoid risk factors associated with fall-related complications.

Living with an older adult requires you to identify the risk factors so that you can come up with a fall prevention plan. The thing is that installing proper structures as well as providing assistance to your elderly loved one can make a huge difference in the quality of life that they are living.

While prevention of falls is a challenge that families, service providers, and caregivers are facing, it can still be prevented with proper education. With private home care from Visiting Angels Eldersburg, we can educate you and your family on how to prevent falls so that proper interventions can be implemented to protect the welfare of older adults.

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